Do you have experience with validation of health games or apps? What do you think about the need for validation and methods of validation in this sector? Read on to fill out the survey on validation of health games.

This survey is part of the wrap-up of Growing Games, a support program (2013-2016) to promote the sustainable growth of the Dutch applied games sector. This survey is the next step after the Growing Games consortium published a position paper at the end of 2015 on the state of validation of health games and apps in the Netherlands. That paper called for a more differentiated approach to validation befitting the highly different characteristics of these innovative products.

To further develop a critical view and build upon the position paper, it is crucial to hear what people with recent experience validating health games and apps think about the need for validation and appropriate methods of validation in this sector.

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And remember: it doesn’t matter whether your experience was good or bad, or at a design, research, insurance or governmental organization, or about a game or app for prevention, cure or care; it is greatly appreciated if you share any experience you have had!

Feel free to spread the word in your network, and have others fill out the survey too.



(Image: Coach4Life – Little Chicken Game Company)


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