“Bridging research, creativity, entrepreneurship, and focus on talent development, upscaling, and to strengthen our international competetiveness”. This is the goal of the “Creative Manifesto” that was presented to Members of Parliament Michiel van Veen (VVD), Agnes Mulder (CDA), Jacques Monasch en Tanja Jadnanansing (PvdA). Politicians are called to action by the The Topteam Creative industry, the Federation Dutch Creative Industries, and the Dutch Creative Council.


Within six years the Dutch creative industry has developed into an ambitious and well organized top sector with a unique knowledge infrastructure and an internationally recognized strategy for internationalization. However more effort is required to strengthen this position and grow into the most creative industry in Europe. For this reason the creative industry calls for action in the Creative Manifesto that focuses on three main focal points neccesary to sustain and grow the importance of the creative industry.

The three main themes in the Creative Manifesto are Knowledge and Innovation, Internationalizing and Upscaling, and Talent Development and Entrepreneurship. Chairman of the Dutch Creative Council, Jeroen van Erp, states: “a new Cabinet would do well to promote development of the national and international activities of the creative industry as a provider of solutions for societal issues” Additionaly, a multi-year program is required to stimulate international efforts in the sector, and to stimulate the development of new creative concepts. The focus on ‘21st century skills’ should be central in talent development. Enhanced job opportunities both in and outside of Europe will help promote creativity, and increased availability off part-time educations will allow a system of ‘life-long learning’. Finally, the manifesto calls to recognize typical aspects of the creative industry and give way to crossovers between the creative industry and other sectors.

For more information visit the website of the Federation Dutch Creative Industries or read the manifesto in the attachment of this post on the right side of this page.

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