We are proud to announce 6 new DGA Members. A warm welcome to AtHand, Curve Fever, Hulan Studio, iQU, Willow\’s Pillow and Qamez!


For AtHand, gamification is about seducing people to learn, to change behavior and to perform better in real life and work, making it feel like a game. Using science, psychology, economics and arts as our inspiration, AtHand has years of experience and had the pleasure of working for established, well-organized clients.

Curve Fever

In Curve Fever you control your snake and it is your goal to cut off the other players with your snake, trying to stay alive as long as possible. Curve Fever is best played with 6 players on 1 keyboard, but can also be played in an online multiplayer arena. What is truly special about Curve Fever, is that it is mostly played at schools!


iQu are the preferred marketing partner for growing mobile and online games. The company’s experience and integrated solutions deliver high quality players and connect with premium sources of traffic and media, fueling global growth for game developers and publishers.

Hulan Studio

Hulan is a young company with years of experience when it comes to the development of serious games, applied games, apps, and gamification. Hulan has made games games to teach how to read, to practice theoretical driver’s exams, and everything in between.

Pillow\’s Willow

At the beginning Peter (former lead animator of the OVERLORD series) came up with the idea of a VR game, having a girl that needs to find her way out of a virtual dreamscape. After having some design sessions with a few of his skilled friends, he got in contact with Andy and Sven (founders of iOpener Media). Together they represent quite some years of experience within the field of gaming and together they started Pillow’s Willow VR studios.


QameZ is a game publishing team owned and managed by games industry veterans. It offers instant access to a worldwide distribution network and is specialized in digital game publishing with high transparency. QameZ optimizes game monetization models and enhances value of games. With QameZ indie developers can do real self-publishing. At the moment still setting up shop but you can get in touch already through their website.

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