Dutch company Manus VR shares video footage from NASA featuring the Manus VR glove. The gloves are being used in experiments to train NASA astronauts in mixed reality to prepare them for the International Space Station. By recreating the International Space Station and matching this into virtual reality, NASA has created a more realistic training environment for their astronauts. The Manus VR glove provides the astronauts with a true representation of their hands and intuitive interaction.

NASA has been working with an engineering sample of the Manus VR glove. As seen in the video the gloves are being used in the virtual environment of the International Space Station built in the Unreal Engine 4. This is an amazing opportunity to showcase what the Dutch Manus VR glove can do for VR, AR and Mixed Reality.

On August 4th Valve announced their plans to open SteamVR Tracking to the public royalty free. Manus VR is joining the first class to receive access to the SteamVR Tracking license and will give first priority to create the Manus VR Tracking Bracelet. The bracelet will provide the gloves with positional tracking for the hands and arms, using the best tracking technology available.

Just a few years ago, data-gloves were a commodity only available to big institutions. Owning a data-glove meant paying thousands of dollars for the privilege. The mission of Manus VR is to make a data-glove available for everyone. Recently, consumer products in virtual reality have outdone the bulky, expensive hardware from the past. Not only in cost, but also in performance. Manus VR is creating a market where both NASA and your average gamer have access to the same cutting edge technology.

For more information, visit the Manus VR website.

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