Growing Games presents the publication Growth Models For Applied Gaming: a bundle of 4 white papers focused on (starting) game companies and potential clients that \’want to do something with gaming\’.

The white papers provide pointers for collaboration, but also sharp analyses of the opportunities and obstructions in scaling up successfully as applied games studios and for the games sector as a whole. Many applied game companies now handle a \’work-for-hire\’-businessmodel that stands in the way of scaling up and far-reaching specialization: both necessary for the growth of the sector.


Four white papers, four experts

Growing Games has asked four experts to share their vision on how applied game companies individually and the applied games sector as a whole can scale up and specialize. Also game companies in the entertainment market will be able to find a lot of useful information in this bundle of white papers to grow and scale up their businesses.

Jan de Boer (partner at We Do Trust) vouches for focus and extreme specialization within the \’work-for-hire\’ business models first. Hans Bouwknegt (lector at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences) adds the idea of \’datafication\’ to this, to make it possible for games to really contribute to solutions on societal challenges, of clients and consumers in a sustainable way. There are also more logical opportunities present to collaborate with the existing publishing-sector, is what expert Daan van Reenen (Darwin Media) points out. Olivier Oosterbaan & Anouk Zoet (LMO) highlight how to organize IP rights differently to safe guard possibility to scale up. Each of the experts paints there picture in the here and now, with a focus on practical insights and tips.

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