Quo Vadis has established itself as one of the leading European conferences about games. It consists of lectures, roundtables and workshops that cover all areas of game development. From general aspects of design and mechanics down to the nuts and bolts of specialized programming or animation, every attendee will find fulfilling sessions.

The conference regularly attracts top-notch speakers in their respective fields. Even industry legends like Richard Garriott, Bob Bates and Don Daglow have shared their knowledge in Berlin. More information…


Dutch Games Association is an official partner of Quo Vadis, and we are proud to offer our members great deals for this event!

We offer our members the following:

– 20% discount on all conference passes

– 25% discount on all booths

– A chance to be selected to showcase FOR FREE at the DGA booth.

Thanks to Quo Vadis, Dutch developers with smaller budgets are given an opportunity to showcase at this international event.

If you are a DGA member and you would like to get a discount or participate in the raffle, please contact us at contact@dutchgamesassociation.nl

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