Games[4Diversity] is a nonprofit organization that focusses on improving representation and inclusion of minorities by organizing game jams on different social topics such as religion, homosexuality and/or anthropological issues.
It’s next edition “Integration is child’s play” focuses on bringing together local children and children from a migration background in order to share their forms of play. Game developers will work an entire weekend on making their favorite playground games into an online version.

Artists, designers, programmers and other developers are welcome to join our next game at an inspiring location in Utrecht, on November 25-26th.
We will work in groups on developing a great (prototype) game based on children’s different interpretation of games.
This game jam is not only fun, it is also rewarding! And not to forget, great for your network too!

Registration is now open and we have only 30 spots available, so be fast!
Once you pay for your registration, you will receive a short questionnaire to find out more about you.

Tickets are available via the following link: www.ticketkantoor.nl/shop/games4diversity. Tickets are €35, including 2x lunch, breakfast, dinner and drinks
For more information visit our website @ www.gamesjam.nl

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