Join Game Bakery\’s third masterclass, in which Andrew Deegan will take us through the most important lessons he\’s learned on the topic of selling games through pitches. Like our previous masterclasses, it will be a hand-on, practical approach on the subject.

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==About Andrew==

Andrew has been working as a game designer, producer and entrepreneur since 2008. During this time he has designed and marketed games, successfully secured investment capital, hired and managed development teams and worked on projects with globally recognised companies such as Lego, Hasbro, Thrustmaster, Ubisoft and Disney.

He has a thorough understanding of the whole pipeline of game development and the business of games and is an expert in the free to play genre.

==About the masterclasses==

Topics like community building, pitching and design thinking are often overlooked, but as important to success as development skills. This is why Game Bakery hosts a series of masterclasses starting later this year, revolving around these subjects.

In these masterclasses, industry experts will share their experiences in a hands-on, practical session after which visitors have a clear product to return to work with. This can be anything from a new strategy draft to a better pitch.

The masterclasses are in English and are sponsored by SGINN, Stichting Game Incubator Noord-Nederland. SGINN aims to strengthen connections between game development initatives in the North of the Netherlands.

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