For 35 years, Imagine has been thé festival in the Netherlands for fantastic film, with the best science-fiction, horror and fantasy films, completed with a stuffed programme filled with masterclasses, panels, talks and exhibitions. Imagine has an audience of more than 17,000 visitors a year and its upcoming festival takes place from 10 to 20 April in EYE in Amsterdam.

In 2019, Imagine will also present a program with games and VR. As part of that we organize a showcase of new Dutch games in the fantastic genre. With that we offer Dutch game developers a unique opportunity to present their game to a wide audience. The showcase consists of two parts: a presentation for the public, in which makers show a demo and tell about their game, followed by the opportunity for the audience to play demos or entire games in the presence of the creators.

For this showcase, we call Dutch and Flemish game developers into the fantastic genre to send in their game. Entry is free of charge. The deadline for submission is 31 December 2018:

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