UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS – October 11, 2019 – Dutch Games Association (DGA) visits Melbourne International Games Week strengthening ties between the Dutch and Australian games industries.

The Australian market has great potential for Dutch games companies, especially in the serious games space. Therefore, Creative Victoria, the Game Developers’ Association of Australia (GDAA) and the Minister of Games and Health worked together to bring Dutch expertise and business opportunities across the world for this edition of Melbourne International Games Week (MIGW).

Melbourne International Games Week is Asia Pacific’s largest digital games celebration – featuring conferences, events and activities for the games industry, games enthusiasts, the general public and educators. During Game Connect Asia Pacific, MIGW’s largest developer conference, one noteworthy keynote speaker was Sjoerd Wennekes, consultant for Dutch game companies and co-founder of several award-winning serious games development studios. Dutch technology also made an impact at the event via the matchmaking tool MeetToMatch, used at Game Connect Asia Pacific to power meetings between attendees.

Panji Oudsen from Dutch Games Association had the honor to oversee the Dutch delegation in their mission to strengthen ties between Australia and the Netherlands. One of the many special guests this week at the Melbourne International Games Week was Prime Minister Rutte, who discussed how serious gaming can be used in fields like healthcare. Here the Dutch Games Association and Sjoerd Wennekes spoke about the potential of the Australian serious games market. Wennekes highlighted the success of his project Tovertafel, an interactive system that can help people in care homes to stay active, now also available in Australia.

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