NiceOne Barcelona, formerly known as Barcelona Games World, is gearing up for a better business-to-business program than ever before.

On November 28-29, you will have the opportunity to talk to publishers, investors and accelerators during MeetToMatch, become a Mentor or Mentee in all areas of game development across tech, creative, leadership, and industry initiatives during the CGX Mentor Lounge, and mingle with the international industry during a Social Lunch.

There is an opportunity for four Dutch game developers from different companies to join without costs. Meet international companies such as Tencent, Epic Games, Humble Bundle, 11 bit studios, All iN! Games, Buka Entertainment, Dear Villagers, JanduSoft, Tilting Point, Triple Dragon Limited, Yoozoo and many more.

If you want to apply for a free pass, contact us before November 16th, 2019 with your name, company name and email address of the person who wants to join.

There is also a deal for non-developers, getting access to this program with a professional co-op pass. It is possible to get 20% discount on a ticket. Contact us if you are interested.


More details and buying a ticket:

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