Dutch investment fund Midgame Fund was founded earlier this year to finance games by Dutch game developers. Nine months later, three projects have been funded with a total investment of ± €300.000,-.

Investors looked at 14 pitches since the founding of the fund earlier this year. Three projects were selected and funded: ‘Unsung Warriors’ by Osarion & Mountaineer, ‘Octopus City Blues’ by Ghost in a Bottle, and an unannounced game by Indiana-Jonas & Jasper Oprel. These games were selected for various reasons, among them the look and feel of the games, consumer interest, or promising collaborations. More information about these developers and games can be found through the Midgame Fund website.

Midgame Fund is a group of 35 successful Dutch game developers who hope to support the growth of the Dutch games industry with financial support, their experience making games, and their network. Game developers can pitch to the fund all year round, for funding between €10.000 and €150.000. The fund’s website lists the terms and the process to send your pitch.


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