\"\"The Dutch Games Association is looking back on a very successful GDC! In cooperation with the Economic Affairs and Innovation Attaché Network at the Netherlands Consulate General in San Francisco we organised a Business Breakfast with a panel presentation about “the Metaverse”.

A big thanks to the speakers Jenna Seiden (Niantic Labs & LUMO Labs), Chris Bennett (Stanford Peace Innovation Lab), Tommy Krul (Super Evil Megacorp) and Barry Hoffman (ZeroLight) for sharing their insights!

Dutch Lounge

\"\"But that’s not all. In cooperation with MeettoMatch we hosted the Dutch Lounge to provide a quiet meeting space just 1 block away from the hustle&bustle from the Conference Center. Multiple Dutch game companies participated to make the Dutch Lounge a success.

To kick things off the Dutch Drinks on Tuesday night were well attended. Needless to say, all participants were excited to be back and network at a live event!

The Dutch Lounge will return at GDC 2023.

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