Embrace the Tech Revolution! Immersive Tech Week 2023, presented by the VRDays Foundation, is where innovation meets inspiration. Get ready to be blown away from
November 28th to December 1st, 2023, at de Doelen in the buzzing city of Rotterdam,
Netherlands, where we’re taking the tech world by storm! Embark on a journey of
discovery into XR, AR, VR, AI, and more.

From business moguls to creative geniuses, this event brings together a diverse mix of brilliant minds from every corner of the tech universe and beyond! Expand your knowledge, experience cutting-edge technology, and connect with like-minded xr enthusiasts and pioneers in the industry.

Check out their preliminary programme here and start planning your visit by exploring which amazing talks, performances, and events are happening each day at Immersive Tech Week.

Get your tickets here!

DGA-members get 20% discount off Week- and Day passes for Immersive Tech Week. Are you a member and you haven’t received the promo code? Get in touch here. Not a DGA member yet? We would love to welcome you aboard! Join DGA here

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