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Featured games by Dutch game developers: The Falconeer by Tomas Sala, Blightbound by Ronimo, and Pine by Twirlbound.

Dutch GAmes associaton

The Dutch Games Association (DGA) is the trade association representing the games industry in the Netherlands. Our mission is to help the Dutch games industry achieve its full potential.

  • We're building a tight-knit community of game creators, to accelerate growth.

  • We're improving ties with the broader games ecosystem, so that games companies have a healthy environment to grow in.

  • We're strengthening our global reputation, to attract talent and business opportunities.

Non-profit association

As a non-profit association run by our members, the DGA truly represents the games industry and its ecosystem. 

Read more about the Dutch Games Association here.

Become a Member

Our members include a broad spectrum of game-related organizations in the Netherlands: game development studios, independent game creators, freelancers, service providers, game publishers, research organizations, educational institutions, and more.

Being a DGA member means you want to see the Dutch games industry thrive, and are willing to put in your unique contribution to make that happen. Benefit from the shared network, the events, the collaborations, and the support the DGA provides. Apply now.

Dutch Games Industry

The Dutch games industry is a unique blend of creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation. It is the home of internationally celebrated successes such as Guerrilla Games, Triumph Studios and Vertigo Games. Games from the Netherlands are played all over the world.

With hundreds of companies providing thousands of high-tech and creative jobs, it is a significant portion of the creative industry. It is also a fast-growing sector, that is resilient in facing today’s challenges. You can find various resources with more information here.