About DGA

Dutch Games Association

The Dutch Games Association represents the Dutch games industry. Founded in 2008, it is the official sector organization for game creators in the Netherlands.

The Dutch games industry has many different types of companies. Our member base primarily consists of creators. Most are game studios, indie game developers, or game asset creators (such as writers, audio studios, animators and freelancers). This is what we label as the “industry” at its core – the companies actually making games.

We are also proud to represent a wide variety of organizations from the broader games ecosystem – ranging from educational institutions to researchers and general service providers. While technically not part of the “core industry”, the organizations in this ecosystem are critical for a healthy industry. Healthy collaboration between the industry and its ecosystem is a key ingredient for a successful future.

Our Mission

It is our mission to help the Dutch game industry reach its full potential

We approach this from three angles:


Creative potential

Innovation and creativity are at the heart of the Dutch games industry. Dutch games are recognized internationally for their artistic and cultural contributions.

Economic potential

The Dutch games industry is financially healthy and is an important aspect of the Dutch economy, providing work for a diverse range of professionals.


Social potential

Dutch games are broadly recognized to positively impact individuals, organizations, and society.

Our contribution

How we contribute to the Dutch game sector

Continuously assessing and addressing the needs, challenges and ambitions of the Dutch games industry.

Enabling and supporting its members to actively contribute to the long-term goals of the industry.

Facilitating connections and collaboration between the games industry and the wider ecosystem.

Representing and supporting the members of the DGA in various practical ways.

Actively working with educational institutions to ensure that the competencies of young professionals are world-class and practically applicable in the industry.

Promoting research collaborations of game studios and knowledge institutes to boost innovations and benefit from emerging scientific and technological advances

Actively connecting with governments (local, national, and international) so that policies and government support are aligned with the reality and interests of the Dutch games industry.

Maintaining and improving Dutch international presence and stimulating export activities.

The people behind DGA

Meet the board & team

Martine Spaans

General Manager

Derk de Geus


Bertine van Hövell

Division Manager Indie

Henriët Eilander

Division Manager Education

Emily Jacometti

Division Manager Serious

Laurens Rutten

Division Manager Entertainment

Rafael Bidarra

Division Manager Research

Martijn Schenderling


Viktor Wijnen


Marlies van Kampen

Operations Manager

Iris Dumoulin

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