The Dutch Games Association

The Dutch Games Association (DGA) represents the Dutch games industry. Founded in 2008, it is the official sector organization for game creators in the Netherlands.

A unique creative industry

The Dutch games industry has many different types of companies. Our member base primarily consists of creators. Most are game studios, indie game developers, or game asset creators (such as writers, audio studios, animators and freelancers). This is what we label as the “industry” at its core – the companies actually making games.

We are also proud to represent a wide variety of organizations from the broader games ecosystem – ranging from educational institutions to researchers and general service providers. While technically not part of the “core industry”, the organizations in this ecosystem are critical for a healthy industry. Healthy collaboration between the industry and its ecosystem is a key ingredient for a successful future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the Dutch games industry achieve its full potential. We approach this from three angles:

  • Creative success, where Dutch games are recognized and celebrated as culturally significant accomplishments.

  • Economic success, meaning the Netherlands hosts a thriving industry with healthy games companies.

  • Social success, where Dutch games have a meaningful impact on their players and broader society.

Our vision for 2030 is that Dutch games are adding up to a net export in all of these categories.


Here are some of the ways we contribute to the games sector in the Netherlands:

  • We have a close dialogue with our members, and understand the needs, challenges, and ambitions of the Dutch games industry. 
  • We support our members to actively contribute to the long-term goals of the industry.
  • We facilitate connections and collaboration between the games industry and the wider ecosystem.
  • We represent and support our members in various practical ways, for example by providing legal advice, by establishing connections with key partners, and by providing various discounts.
  • We work with educational institutions to make sure that the competencies of young professionals are world-class and practically applicable in the industry.
  • We promote collaborations of game studios and research institutes. 
  • We connect with governments (local, national, and international) so that policies and government support are aligned with the reality and interests of the Dutch games industry.
  • We maintain and improve our industry's international presence.

The Board & Team

  • Derk de Geus - chairman
  • Adriaan de Jongh - division manager Indie
  • Henriët Eilander - division manager education
  • Emily Jacometti - division manager Serious
  • Laurens Rutten - division manager Entertainment
  • Rafael Bidarra - division manager Research
  • Martijn Schenderling - Secretary
  • Rob Hulsen - treasurer
  • Marlies van Kampen - operational manager

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