NiceOne Barcelona, formerly known as Barcelona Games World, is gearing up for a better business-to-business program than ever before.

On November 28-29, you will have the opportunity to talk to publishers, investors and accelerators during MeetToMatch, become a Mentor or Mentee in all areas of game development across tech, creative, leadership, and industry initiatives during the CGX Mentor Lounge, and mingle with the international industry during a Social Lunch.

There is an opportunity for four Dutch game developers from different companies to join without costs. Meet international companies such as Tencent, Epic Games, Humble Bundle, 11 bit studios, All iN! Games, Buka Entertainment, Dear Villagers, JanduSoft, Tilting Point, Triple Dragon Limited, Yoozoo and many more.

If you want to apply for a free pass, contact us before November 16th, 2019 with your name, company name and email address of the person who wants to join.

There is also a deal for non-developers, getting access to this program with a professional co-op pass. It is possible to get 20% discount on a ticket. Contact us if you are interested.


More details and buying a ticket:

Due to the conclusion of board terms, a change of board will take place in the spring of 2020.

Resigning board members
Members who will be leaving the board are our President Horst Streck and division manager entertainment Simon Usiskin. Horst will be leaving the board due to reaching the maximum lenght of his term. Because of a change of focus on different duties, Simon has decided not to continue his term.

Dutch Games Association’s board would like to thank Horst and Simon for their efforts for the association in these past years.

Job openings
With Horst and Simon’s resignations the positions of President of the Board and division manager entertainment will become vacant. The board would like to call interested parties to apply via the job openings below.

Interested parties for these positions will be asked to send their resume and a short motivation letter. An active role is expected in which the applicant will make use of their own network. It must be taken into account that an unremunerated time investment is expected of approximately 16 hours a month.

At the end of the application procedure, one or more nominations will be composed from the applications by the board. Members will vote on this at the general General Assembly. The instatement will take place in the spring of 2020.

For questions and more information, contact the secretary at


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The next White Nights Conference is just around the corner and will take place in Amsterdam for the first time on January 23-24 2020! More than 1,500 game industry professionals and the best speakers will get together in a brand new location.

Game developers of the Dutch Game Association are very welcome to join the Developer Exhibition! Show your game at your own booth and meet leading publishers, investors, future partners, industry visionaries and media during two days of the conference. Submit your project here and get a free booth + one Indie Dev Pass + a 15% discount to purchase more tickets.

The main reason to attend the event is an opportunity to meet decision-makers face-to-face.

The program will be revealed in December. Early-bird rates are now available, register on the conference website!

KIKK Festival is the international festival of creative and digital cultures in Namur (Wallonia), Belgium.
The 9th edition takes place from the 31st of Oct. until the 3rd of November 2019.

KIKK is an international festival of digital and creative cultures. Its interest lies in the artistic and economic implications of new technologies. The event gathers people of all backgrounds from all around the world. They are designers, scientists, makers, entrepreneurs, artists, architects, developers or musicians. They come to KIKK to tell you their personal anecdotes, to share professional experiences and innovative ideas, to present an artwork, a project or a product. You return home full of inspiration with plenty of contacts and new passions.

KIKK Festival 2019: exploring crossovers between art, science and technology: creative coding, art, web & design, AI, dataviz, storytelling, research, UX.

Dutch Games Association members will be able to get a 30% discount on KIKKPro tickets. Contact us for more information!

For more informaion check out:

DevGAMM is the biggest conference for game industry professionals in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The event offers quality content about game development, low entry threshold for beginner developers as well as a series of activities meant for productive pastime and effective networking.

The conference was founded in 2008 by Lerika Mallayeva, who at the time worked as a flash animator in the indie studio. In 9 years DevGAMM has grown from local 100-person meet up to one of the leading professional events in game industry reaching over 3000 attendees from more than 30 countries in 2015.

It is a bridge between developer’s communities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and rest of the world. The event has a long history of successfully connecting small beginner teams of developers to industry veterans. DevGAMM gives gaming experts a chance to keep up with the latest thinking and developments in making games, pass on the knowledge and experience to those who have just started out in the form of quality sessions.

For more information, check out!