The Dutch Games Association, together with MeetToMatch, proudly presents the opportunity to join a Dutch delegation to San Francisco and access to MeetToMatch – The San Francisco Edition 2023 in the week of March 20 to 24, 2023.

The Dutch Games Association announces the Dutch Lounge: a private meeting area for the Dutch Games Industry during GDC 2023, just one block away from Moscone Center. We are convinced that having a location outside of the official GDC Expo offers the additional opportunity to meet with people that do not have a GDC pass, while still being close to the official venue.

This opportunity has been made possible with the support of Creative NL and the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO).

The Program

Together with the Dutch Consulate and New Dutch Wave, we are planning to organize several items, such as:

  • Attending SXSW in Austin, TX (March 10-19), trip organised by New Dutch Wave
  • Breakfast session at the San Francisco Dutch Consulate (no cost) – Program and date TBA
  • Business hours at the Dutch Consulate. During GDC week –> Per appointment.
  • The GDC Dutch Lounge – March 22-24, 2023

Registration for the above items is required. Please follow this link to let us know what you are interested in.

Details on MeetToMatch – The San Francisco Edition 2023:

Join the most relevant matchmaking service in the games industry during GDC! The MeetToMatch team focuses once again on bringing all the relevant publishers, investors and developers together in San Francisco on March 20-24, 2023.

More information can be found here.

Available on-site packages

Business PackageCompany Package
Access to the Dutch Lounge and conduct your business meetings.Additional promotion, visibility and lead generation in the Dutch lounge

This package includes (for one person):

  • Access to the Dutch lounge on Wed-Fri.
  • Access to coffee / tea in the lounge.
  • One ticket to the Dutch Drinks (date TBD) – this has not yet been confirmed, availability permitting
  • Opportunity to showcase one game or service during the Dutch Drinks (date TBD)
  • Planning business meetings in the MeetToMatch platform.
  • Showcase Games, Products & Service as part of the Dutch Showcase on the MeetToMatch platform to easily be discovered by participants.

This package includes:

  • Everything from the Business package PLUS
  • Access to the Dutch lounge on Wed-Fri for two people from the same company.
  • Two tickets to the Dutch Drinks (date TBD) (and +2 tickets) – this has not yet been confirmed, availability permitting
  • Company logo visibility during the event and corresponding communication/PR about the Netherlands Lounge
Regular price € 499Regular price € 1.999

Early Bird price: € 399* (register by Jan 16, 2023)
* Additional teammembers can be added for € 199 (early bird) or € 249 (regular pricing). Limited supply, distributed equally.
* DGA-members get a € 50 discount on the package

Early Bird price: € 1499* (register by Jan 16, 2023)
* Additional teammembers can be added for € 199 (early bird) or € 249 (regular pricing). Limited supply, distributed equally.
* DGA-members get a € 50 discount on the package

Dutch Lounge venue

The Dutch Lounge will be situated only one block away from Moscone Center, at 643 Mission Street (Google Maps), allowing you to meet with everyone that you have scheduled a meeting with.

The Dutch Lounge will be accesible for Dutch delegation members with a valid Package only, and their meeting counterparts.

Impression of the Dutch Lounge venue. Actual setup likely will be different.

Safety measures and potential implications.

The Dutch Lounge will follow national and local guidelines with regard to COVID-19 measures to ensure a safe and comfortable space.

Cancellation policy.

There will be no refunds available. A change in the personal decision of a participant on participation or travel offers no opportunity for cancellation or downgrade.


We love to see your registration for these events, so we can show a strong and creative Dutch Games Industry to the rest of the world. You participation will definately also help us in confirming and securing support for future trade shows, when they will return back to on-site events.

And a big thanks

This opportunity has been made possible with the support of Creative NL and the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO), who are supporting our industry during these events financially.​

Are Web3 games The Next Big Thing or are we witnessing a token crash in slow motion? Is the Metaverse the new Promised Land or will we just aimlessly walk around in Zuckerberg’s Horizon without legs?

It’s time for a reality check around Web3 games, so let’s separate the hype for from the hope! For our upcoming DGA Talks, we are proud to present a line-up of seasoned game professionals with hands-on experience on what building a Web3 games business is really all about!

– Jurriaan van Teunenbroek, Vice President Games & Content at Azerion
DGA Talk: “Habbo X”

Jurriaan is a long-time games veteran. He founded Youda Games in 2001 which later merged into Azerion. At Azerion, he is now involved in many of the strategic game projects, including various Web3 initiatives. Jurriaan wil share the real success they currently see with Habbo, a metaverse experience with a large player base and successful implementation of NFTs. With Azerion, Jurriaan recently won the “Top European Metaverse Platform” award at the first annual European Metaverse Summit & Awards 2022.

– Robin Squire, Co-founder and CEO of Black Block
DGA Talk: “The future of gaming: from mobile F2P to Web3″

In his Talk, Robin will take us along his journey of what it takes to start a free-to-play mobile games company, that recently pivoted into building a Web3 games experience for PC. Robin has been active in the games industry for over 10 years, previously working at well known mobile developers such as Rovio and PlayRaven.

– Dan Garon, Co-founder and President of .Erth
DGA Talk: Fireside chat about building a Web3 games business

Prior to .Erth, Dan held a number of senior product roles at Zynga, including most recently General Manager and Head of Emerging Platforms. Previously, he was technical advisor and Chief of Staff to Zynga’s founder Mark Pincus. Dan is also an active investor in technology startups and a member of Reinvent Technology Partners, which completed three SPAC IPOs last year.

Host of the day will be Laurens Rutten, Board member of the Dutch Games Association and Founder and CEO of CoolGames

Register now and join the talks on Wednesday November 23 rd!

When: Wednesday November 23 rd , from 16.30 to 18.00 pm CET

Where: online event via Google Meet (registration required, Google Meet link will follow in your inbox after registering)

Tune in at the DGA Talks and get inspired! Register your (free) ticket here.

Note: everyone from the Dutch game industry can register. You don’t have to be a DGA member.

On the 15th of December, the Dutch Games Association is hosting a holidays meetup, powered by CLICKNL! Sign-up and join us for some networking and learn more about Accessibility and Inclusivity in gaming.

Nowadays, young people get a lot of their social interactions through video games: chatting via Roblox or voice-calling during a game of Fortnite is the way in which young people now connect with each other. However, this is not always accessible to everyone. People with disabilities who have difficulty using the controls in these games are inadvertently excluded and isolated.

This meetup is an opportunity to create more awareness around this issue and to encourage Dutch game makers to help us in making inclusive game design more common in the industry.

The talk of the evening will be hosted by Paul van der Made. He was only 30 when he suffered a severe brain hemorrhage. Thanks to his rehabilitation he is able to participate in numerous things again. However, his hobby of playing video games remains a challenge. In 2016 he founded the HiPerks Foundation with which he wants to stimulate game development for people with disabilities.

The meetup will be held at Hout & Hop in Utrecht (Europalaan 100, 3526 KS Utrecht).

The program:

16:00: Start
17:00-18:00: Presentation by Paul van der Made and Q&A
18:00-20:00: Holidays drinks and networking

Registration is required. Get your (free) ticket here.

We hope to see you there for an informative and inspiring evening!

Note: everyone from the Dutch game industry can register. You don’t have to be a DGA member.

Coming Wednesday November 23rd, the Dutch Games Association is organizing another DGA Talks about Web3 gaming. Block your calendar and tune in with us!

After two years filled with hype around Web3, blockchain gaming, NFTs and crypto currencies, the dust begins to settle. Time for another DGA Talks to try to distinguish the hype and hope from real initiatives, viable business models and Web3 games that are actually fun to play!

While many of the first generation of Web3 games found their roots in the crypto-world, the DGA is proud to have some seasoned game professionals sharing with us what Web3 games are really all about! Our preliminary line-up for the DGA Talks:

  • Jurriaan van Teunenbroek: Vice President Games & Content at Azerion (Amsterdam)
  • Robin Squire: CEO and co-founder of Black Block (Finland) and ex Rovio (Helsinki/London)
  • Dan Garon: Co-founder of .Erth, Managing Partner at Workplay Ventures and ex-Zynga (San

When: Wednesday November 23rd, from 16.30 to 18.00 pm CET
Where: online event via Google Meet (registration required, Google Meet link will be sent to you after registering)

More info about the speakers and the specific topics will follow soon.

Tune in at the DGA Talks and get inspired!

Register your ticket here.

Tonight the winners of the Dutch Game Awards were announced at the leading award show for Dutch game developers. This twelfth edition of the award show took place during Dutch Media Week at Beeld en Geluid in Hilversum.


The Dutch Game Awards has several categories, from ‘Best Game’ to ‘Best Innovation’ and four special awards. The winners are chosen by a professional and diverse jury. In addition to an award, the winners also receive a place in the collection of Sound and Vision, where the titles are preserved as cultural heritage for eternity. And the winners are…!

Best Game: Horizon: Forbidden West – Guerrilla Games
Best Art: Horizon: Forbidden West – Guerrilla Games
Best Audio: Horizon: Forbidden West – Guerrilla Games
Best Innovation: Stacklands – Sokpop Collective
Best Technology: Horizon: Forbidden West – Guerrilla Games
Best Game Design: We Were Here Forever – Total Mayhem Games
Best Applied Game: Hackshield in de klas – HackShield Future Cyber Heroes
Best Debut Game: Cat Cafe Manager – Roost Games
Best Student Game: All Hands on Deck – Studio Mantasaur (HKU)

The jury chose Horizon: Forbidden West as winner in the categories Best Game, Best Art, Best Audio en Best Technology: It makes our Dutch hearts swell with pride that this console-selling masterpiece was created right in the middle of Amsterdam. Horizon: Forbidden West is a world class title where nothing has been overlooked or neglected. The art provides an immersive experience, the audio is among the highest level in the global industry and the game sets a new benchmark in AAA technologies. This game puts the Netherlands on the map for the worldwide game industry, and even the broader media press.”   

Total Mayhem Games picked up the award for Best Game Design with We Were Here Forever: “The jury really enjoyed the clever puzzle design. Even though the timed puzzles can be really frustrating, it is well balanced by the rewarding feeling of victory when the solution is achieved. True collaboration is key in the core of this game design. It teaches you to clearly describe what you see and to listen well. Even when you play this game with a complete stranger, it still creates a bond and there is this spark of joy when you are reunited with your fellow adventurer.“

Stacklands by Sokpop Collective wins Best Innovation: “The jury was very impressed by the clever implementation of the progression system and non-linear storybuilding. The true innovation here is how a simple mechanic is used to create satisfying and ever-challenging puzzles that leave you wanting more. Expect games “inspired” by Stacklands very soon.” 

All Hands on Deck is chosen as Best Student Game “because of the fresh take on local co-op gameplay! The jury never felt rushed by the game mechanics and enjoyed the straightforward and relaxing puzzles. The game comes with a good sense of humor and very polished gameplay. This game felt like one made by developers, skilled way beyond their young age!”  

Best Debut Game is won by Cat Cafe Manager: “The cuteness and characters actually build upon the game design and mechanics. Having those in balance creates a cat-tastic and compelling game experience.”

Hackshield in de Klas wins Best Applied Game: “Hackshield deals with relevant and current challenges in our society. The game offers a rich world with many themes and quests. The game is well implemented in the educational setting and shows a high production value.”

Special Awards
The special awards were created for the studios, individuals or initiatives that sometimes operate more in the background, but are important to the Dutch game industry. The winners of the Special Awards are:

Best Studio: Codeglue
Inclusion Award: Emily Jacometti
Career Achievement: Alessandra van Otterlo
Awesome Achievement: Sokpop Collective 

Codeglue wins the Best Studio award because: Studio owners Peter and Maurice have gone above and beyond to keep their staff safe and healthy during COVID, trying to keep them connected and motivated. To quote their staff: “Working at Codeglue feels like you’re with family. Peter and Maurice always try to find ways to make it even more enjoyable to work at Codeglue. They not only want employees to succeed at our studio, they want employees to succeed in every area of their life and be happy and healthy overall.”

The Inclusion Award goes to Emily Jacometti this year: In recent years Emily has really helped Flavour to lead by example when it comes to their inclusivity and hiring policy. Next to this, Emily is involved in several initiatives like FemIT from the HvA, Women in Tech, and as advisor to the HKU. As a board member to the DGA she’s been putting her best foot forward to develop a Code of Conduct for the Dutch game industry. Wherever Emily sees an opportunity to open up the industry for more diversity and break the mould, she’s on it.   

The Career Achievement award has been won by Alessandra van Otterlo: This award is a recognition of EVERYTHING she’s done for the games industry…so far! Next to keeping us all informed online through Control Online and and managing countless live events like Control Conference, the European Game Showcase and in the past the Holland Pavilion and Festival of Games, she also handles countless volunteer jobs. She’s an advisor to several conferences, has mentored and helped multiple people to kick off their game careers, managed the Student GDC grant, the Amsterdam Game Borrel, etc. She connects you with relevant people in the game industry (whether you ask for it or not ;). Always ready to be the voice of the minority and a true fighter for diversity. Alessandra, rock on!”

Last but not least, the Awesome Achievement award goes to Sokpop Collective: Sokpop has its own take on how the game business works. Their business structure is a collective rather than a studio, where the success of one game flows back into supporting new creative work. Their business model of “one game per month subscription” is highly unusual. The community support they receive through their Patron subscriptions serve as proof that this community driven path is a success. We look forward to many more months of Sokpop games!

Find the complete jury reports on the Dutch Game Awards website. View the full ceremony recording here.

Key facts & figures from the Games Monitor 2022 have been presented today at Dutch Game Day in Hilversum (NL). The Games Monitor reports on trends and developments in the Dutch video game industry, such as the number of companies, jobs, and revenue. 

The Dutch game industry has grown significantly in the last three years. Dutch game companies benefited from the growth of the global games market. A growth in revenue of almost 18% annually on average for Dutch game companies (to €420-440 million in 2021) surpasses the global average in the industry. The number of jobs also increased with more than 5% annually to 4560 jobs. The growth in the number of jobs is particularly visible in larger companies with over 50 employees. The largest number of jobs in the Dutch game industry can be found in the Greater-Amsterdam region (including Schiphol). As the second largest region in terms of employment, Utrecht has the largest number of jobs in applied or serious game companies. Due to the effects of the COVID pandemic, applied game companies have grown less rapidly than entertainment game companies.

Key facts & figures Dutch video game industry (Source: Games Monitor 2022)

Furthermore, figures for the past ten years show an evolution in the way in which growth is realized. Initially, the sector increased mainly in the number of companies. Between 2015 and 2018 growth could be seen mostly in the number of employees and in the last three years revenue showed the most noticeable increase. “The significant growth in revenue and the number of jobs in larger companies shows that the Dutch game industry is on the road to maturity”, says Christel van Grinsven, coördinator of the Games Monitor. 

The Games Monitor 2022 is presented by Dutch Game Garden, Dutch Games Association and Videogame Federatie Nederland (VGFN). The full report will be published later this year. Want to be informed when it is published? Subscribe to the mailing list here.

Breda University of Applied Sciences’ Creative Media and Game Technologies programme is one of the best in the world. Whether you want to become the best gameplay programmer, an award-winning character artist or a game designer who invents Triple-A titles, it all starts in Breda! The alumni of this programme work at major game companies around the world, such as Guerrilla, Ubisoft and DICE.

To find out more, visit:

TransPerfect Gaming Solutions (TGS) offers video game globalization services to reach gamers all over the world. Supporting video game development from start to finish, including player support, localization, audio services, art design, quality assurance, community management, marketing, and testing. Leveraging a worldwide network of production centers, testing facilities, and studios, TGS works with many of the world’s most renowned games and gaming brands.

To find out more, visit:

KwaQua Games
Kwa Qua Games is an independent game studio focused on user generated content. They design playful platforms that trigger imagination and bring people together. They created MiSH MASH, a playful creative platform that puts forward the values of inclusion, diversity and team work. It brings people closer to one another as they create together SUPER BIG surrealistic drawings filled with surprising connections. Their ultimate plan is to not only make the game available on mobile, PC and game consoles. But to as well exhibit the collaborative drawings made with the game in the real world; using different mediums such as video projection, robots carving the drawings out on beautiful sandy beaches and good old fashioned print.

To find out more, visit:

VaultN enables content creators and IP owners to store, manage, track and safely deliver their digital inventory transactions in real-time. Based upon an open API approach andthe latest Blockchain technology, VaultN offers Games and Software businesses a platform that enables visibility and control of their products throughout the whole digital supply chain, which has hitherto not been possible. They are Entertainment and Gaming industry veterans with specialist expertise and unrivaled professional networks to make The Vault Network a success. Their founders and global team deliver and leverage World-Class Expertise and experience spanning Games Publishing, Consumer technologies, Distribution Services, Fin-tech, and Retail.

To find out more, visit: is one of the leading providers of high-performance hosting and global infrastructure services. The company operates a low-latency network, with thousands of servers spread over 40+ points of presence on 6 continents. excels in the gaming market and hosts a variety of AAA games, which led to its acquisition by Ubisoft in 2019. They continue to help various large-scale gaming & enterprise customers deploy, scale, and manage their applications to over 300 million users globally.’s goal is to reach 1 billion users on its platform by 2025.

To find out more, visit:

PNO Media
Pension Fund PNO Media is the pension fund for the creative and digital sector. At PNO Media, employees and employers together ensure a good pension. A good income after retirement is paramount. But PNO Media’s pension schemes also provide an income in the event of disability or death. Pension contributions are invested responsibly. This not only yields more, but also ensures a better world.

To find out more, visit:

Splashtop makes it easy to securely access your computers and apps from any device, for work, personal use or IT support. You can use memory-hungry apps or work on massive files, even if your high-powered computers is miles away. We keep your data safe with enterprise-grade encryption and a zero-trust approach to security. Our secure remote solutions are so user-friendly that they can be up and running in minutes, delivering top performance with no hassle.

To find out more, visit:

GAMEDIA will not be exhibiting during Dutch Game Day, but this is a special shout-out to their sponsor contribution. GAMEDIA is a multiple award winning game development studio with a proven track record (200+ games). They create high quality entertainment titles for mobile, pc and console (current & next-gen), both single and multiplayer. They mainly do full development and provide multiple services after the game is live (hosting, support, live-ops). Besides doing ‘work for hire’ they also create their own F2P and Premium titles for multiple platforms.

To find out more, visit:

During Dutch Game Day powered by Control, Derk de Geus (chairman of the Dutch Games Association) will record 4 podcasts in which he will talk to entrepreneurs from the Dutch game industry. The podcasts are part of a record attempt by Dutch Media Week to make 200 hours of podcasts.

Will you be attending the Dutch Game Day? You can attend the recording of the podcasts live. Want to watch/listen from home? You can do so via the Dutch Media week website:

Don’t have a ticket for Dutch Game Day yet? Get your ticket now via

The following podcasts are scheduled for October 6, 2022:

9:00 Lieke van Heel

Lieke van Heel researched roles within the game industry at HKU, and developed an interesting model where aspiring game professionals can see which role suits them best. She currently works at Flavour as a Content and Account Manager. In the podcast, we take a closer look at what exactly the model is, how it came about and how we can use it. We will also ask Lieke how she thinks educational institutions can best align with the game industry.

11:00 Tomas Sala

Originally co-founder of Little Chicken, Tomas Sala went solo after 18 years. His game “The Falconeer” has received high praise and its successor “The Falconeer: Bulwark” looks to become a big success as well. In the podcast, we will ask Tomas what it’s like to go from a studio team to solo development. What things has he encountered on his “indie” path? What pitfalls are there, and what lessons can be learned? And, what is the next step for The Falconeer?

15:00 Emily Jacometti

Emily Jacometti is CEO and Co-Founder of Flavour, a successful serious game company that developed the game Hackshield, among others. They have gone from a service to product business model, and Hackshield is now being rolled out globally. In the podcast, we hear Flavour’s story. We hear how they went from service to product and what pitfalls they encountered, and what lessons learned. We also ask what the future looks like for Flavour.

16:00 Herdjie & Dittmar

Herdjie Zhou is co-founder and CEO of Lucky Kat, a successful game studio based in The Hague that has recently embraced blockchain and achieved considerable success with it. Lucky Kat was recently sold to Fragbite Group of Sweden.

Dittmar Tukker is CEO of Gamedia, a successful Alkmaar-based studio that has walked a similar path and gone “to the moon.”

In the podcast, we delve deeper into Herdji and Dittmar’s background and how they made the transition to Web3 / Blockchain games. How do their approaches differ? What are the pitfalls and lessons learned? What lies ahead for this technology and segment?

Graag delen wij onderstaande uitnodiging van CLICKNL (en hun partner SIA) met jullie:

Dag creatieve mkb’er!

Houd jij je met jouw bedrijf bezig met vernieuwing, heb je dit in het verleden gedaan of altijd al willen doen?

Dan weet je dat hier uitdagingen bij komen kijken. Gelukkig zijn er diverse partijen die innovatie in de creatieve sector ondersteunen en stimuleren. Van regelingen, tot subsidies en andere zogenaamde steun instrumenten. Op dit moment weet echter maar een klein deel van de mkb’ers deze steun te vinden en bemachtigen. Dit kan anders! Wij van CLICKNL en Regieorgaan SIA zijn benieuwd hoe.

In samenwerking met Fundamentals Academy (creatief bureau) organiseren wij daarom drie co-creatie sessies door heel Nederland. Tijdens deze sessies komen we tot concrete oplossingen om de creatieve sector en het aanbod van financiers en ondersteuners van innovatie beter op elkaar te laten aansluiten.

Wil jij:

  • Meedenken over het toegankelijker maken van regelingen, subsidies en andere instrumenten en zo de creatieve sector aansterken?
  • Jouw perspectief en ervaring als creatief mkb delen?
  • Kennismaken en sparren met creatieve mkb’ers in jouw regio die ook bezig zijn met innovatie?

Dan zoeken we jou. Denk en creëer een middag met ons mee. In een co-creatie sessie van drie uur komen we tot concrete adviezen over het stimuleren van innovatie in de creatieve sector.


  • Per regio is er plek voor 10 mkb’ers. Per mkb één vertegenwoordiger.
  • Sessies duren van 14:00 uur tot 17:00 uur, achteraf is er een borrel met de mogelijkheid voor netwerken.
  • Stuur om je aan te melden een mailtje met jouw naam en organisatie naar Jens Gijbels van Fundamentals Academy. Dit kan via Hij zal de co-creatie sessies begeleiden, voor vragen is hij tevens te bereiken.