Dutch Game Day powered by Control has now published their complete schedule online! The Dutch Game Day powered by Control is a cooperation between Dutch Media Week, the Dutch Games Association and game development magazine Control. The event consists of a two track conference with speakers from The Netherlands and abroad. The event takes place on 6 October 2022, at Beeld & Geluid in Hilversum.

The entire Dutch Game Day speaker line up has been revealed. We have added all the speakers below in this article, but please also make sure to checkout out the conference website for the information on all sessions.

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Speakers Dutch Game Day

Stefan Ideler is CTO at hosting company i3D.net. In that role, he has worked on scaling countless AAA multiplayer games to millions of players worldwide, including games from the franchises The Division and Rocket League. The right hosting infrastructure is critical to the long-term success of your game. Ideler knows from experience the challenges this presents. Whether it’s protecting against DDoS attacks, preventing cheats, or other issues a developer must consider when developing multiplayer games. In his Dutch Game Day talk, he discusses how to address these challenges.

Elisa Farinetti is co-founder and business developer at Broken Arms Games studio. She is passionate about technology and games, and she is a firm believer in sharing information so that indie developers can benefit from the experiences of other devs. At Dutch Game Day, Farinetti shares the post-release strategy Broken Arms Games had for Hundred Days – Winemaking Simulator. She talks about what they did to get the most out of the game for a year.

Developer Lee Hammoud has over seven years of experience with Unreal Engine, working on several indie games over this span, including his solo project Psychoverse City and VR game Soar. Through his participation in some 20 game jams, Hammoud has learned how to quickly prototype. In his Dutch Game Day talk, he talks about how to speed up prototyping. Hammoud also shows the pitfalls that can cause your rapid prototyping to go wrong. Finally, he talks about how approaching this type of rapid development has affected his ability to finish games.

Solo developer Tomas Sala released his first solo game, The Falconeer, at the end of November. Currently, Sala is working on the second game in The Falconeer world: Bulwark. Almost a decade ago, Sala decided to limit himself by creating only game art without the use of textures. A design process of limitations and restrictions offers technical challenges, but can also be a source of inspiration. In his Dutch Game Day talk, he talks about how creative limitations have become the basis for his design choices.

Tymon Smektala is an active member of the games industry for more than two decades. First in journalism, later in development. After switching careers to game development joined Techland where he took the role of a game designer on Dying Light, followed by assignments as a lead game designer on Dying Light: The Following and Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Creating a sequel to a highly successful game is never easy – especially when the studio’s goal is to do more than just a simple “bigger, better and with more explosions”. The talk will explain some of the decisions the team took while designing Dying Light 2 Stay Human, from the game’s inception, through its development, to some hair-raising moments right before the launch!

Rami Ismail is a Dutch-Egyptian independent games & tool developer with over 20 titles across PC, console, web, and mobile. The co-founder of the influential now-retired indie games studio Vlambeer, Rami worked on award-winning and genre-defining games such as Ridiculous Fishing and Nuclear Throne. Rami will do a talk at the Dutch Game Day powered by Control. That we know for sure. But that’s about all we know. It could be a talk covering business advice or a Super Crate Box classic port mortem. Perhaps it will be a Q&A-session or a fire-side chat. And we would not be surprised if it turns out to be a rant on how we could be better as an industry. But whatever it will be, we are looking forward to it.

Founder and former publisher of Control, Matthijs Dierckx has left journalism behind some time ago. These days, Dierckx is behind a different kind of keyboard as a composer. Among other things, he composed the music for Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy. With that, he won a Dutch Game Award for Best Audio last year. Using the most popular song from Unexplored 2, composer Matthijs Dierckx explains in his Dutch Game Day talk how a composer can make your indie game sound like orchestras and choirs beyond your budget.

Manuel Kerssemakers, co-founder and tech-lead at Abbey Games, will give a unique insight into Abbey’s management game framework during Dutch Game Day. This allows them to work efficiently on complex projects with a small team. Kerssemakers shares the basics of the architecture and workflow Abbey uses to create large management games in Unity and C#. He shows that saving and loading are more than storing data. Think of it as a way to shape your game world.

Willem Hilhorst, Sound & Vision’s game expert, talks about their approach to archiving games in his Dutch Game Day talk. This session is intended to kick off an open conversation with the industry about how Sound & Vision can ensure that old games, and titles yet to come out, are preserved for posterity.


Mike Hergaarden has been working on games for 18 years and is running M2H together with brother Matt. He has a passion for multiplayer game development. In his talk Mike shares M2H’s story and lessons learned on their road from indie to AA. Over thirteen years ago M2H’s games reached quite some gamers already. But little did these players know that the online games were running on a PC in the attic of Mike’s parents’ house, standing on toilet rolls. Fast forward to 2022, M2H’s “WW1 Game Series” sold over two million units and was acquired as a “AA FPS series” by Focus Entertainment, one of the bigger game publishers.

Paweł Sasko started working in the gaming industry almost right away after high school and for the past 17 years created multiple games, while for 11 years works in CD Projekt RED. His talk contains the most important and universal Quest Design lessons, based on the 17 years of experience in video game industry of Paweł Sasko, illustrated by the examples from The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077. The session walks the audience through topics such as engagement with the story, the brevity of the narrative, designing for fun, creating emotional impact, structuring choices and consequences in non-linear stories, tackling and approaching novelty, production effectiveness, and more.

Richard Oud is the Studio Animation Director at Guerrilla, a PlayStation Studio based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Joining the studio in 2007, his credits include Killzone 2, Killzone 3, Killzone: Shadow Fall as well as critically acclaimed action RPG’s Horizon Zero Dawn and its sequel Horizon Forbidden West. The animation team worked hard to produce new mechanics, features and enemies for Aloy’s new adventure in Horizon Forbidden West. In his talk, Richard will cover an in-depth look at the supporting animations and systems that drive these topics, ranging from player mechanics, human enemies and robotic creatures defining the core gameplay experience of Horizon Forbidden West.

Reza Hooshangi has been making games for more than a decade. He is currently working as creative director and narrative designer on an unannounced project. Before that, he was the technical lead for Children of Morta, the story-driven action RPG that recently sold for the millionth time. During Dutch Game Day, he talks about the challenges of combining procedurally generated content with narrative elements and storytelling. In this session, he talks about some of the systems, design choices and techniques they used to overcome those challenges.

Emrah Kara has been involved in digital distribution for several years. Currently as CEO of Amsterdam-based VaultN. This is a distribution platform for digital assets that allows developers, publishers and sellers to directly track and manage their products in real-time. While the sale of games today is mostly digital, on the back end the industry still operates as if we were selling a physical product, according to Kara. During his talk at Dutch Game Day, he shines his light on the problems developers and publishers are experiencing in digital distribution. Kara talks about his Eureka moment and explains what it will take to fix the market.

Esmeé van’t Hoff is one of the Organizers behind Wholesome Games, while also being a game developer herself; currently working on Tracks of Thought. For the longest time, the most critically acclaimed games have been the ones with the darkest themes and grimmest depictions of life— now there’s room at the table for developers who strive to do the opposite. Wholesome Games is an ever-growing platform focused on elevating these titles. In this talk Esmeé will be lifting the curtain on how Wholesome Games selects titles for its showcases, has grown its vibrant community to over 500k members, and how to connect with a gentle and compassionate audience.

Kela van der Deijl is a game developer and 3D artist, currently working on Mail Time. In her talk Kela will be deconstructing her strategy to developing, pitching and marketing Mail Time as well as how she’s been approaching building a network in the game industry when starting from scratch.


In addition, Dutch Game Garden and the Dutch Games Association again present the Games Monitor. Last April, Dutch Game Garden and the Dutch Games Association already presented an interim update of the Games Monitor. This year a full research has been done again on the state of the game industry. The Games Monitor looks at the trends and developments for applied and entertainment games in the Netherlands, such as the number of companies, jobs and game students. The report is presented every three years. During her presentation at the Dutch Game Day powered by Control, Christel van Grinsven, operations manager at Dutch Game Garden, shares the main results of the research conducted earlier this year.

Having joined EA’s XDI team in 2022, Juney Dijkstra was the first to be located in Europe, being based out of The Netherlands & supporting EA teams and partners with a European focus. She was formerly the Legacy Portfolio manager at Paradox Interactive, carrying full responsibility for all games no longer in active development. She started her career as the Lead Producer at Soedesco Publishing where she built the publishing pipeline & team for PC & console and supported the worldwide release of 50+ games digitally & at retail, while at the same time developing & running the in-house porting team. She also runs the Game Production Community Discord, a b2b production / project management / leadership community on a quest to plan better, lead better, and improve team health & happiness, through building a community of knowledge, discourse & support.
At Dutch Game Day Juney will host the Producer Panel: Elevating your team to the next level.

Originally from Canada, Rachel Schachter is a producer at the game development and porting studio Codeglue, in Rotterdam. Her experience includes working with multidisciplinary teams as a producer and project manager in various industries, such as, game development, online commerce, and analytics. Using both Scrum and Agile methods, she has helped teams increase efficiency and anticipate bottle necks in order to keep them productive and on track. Most recently she has worked on bringing the Shadowrun Trilogy to consoles.
At Dutch Game Day Rachel is part of the Producer Panel: Elevating your team to the next level.

Esmeralda Hoffman is a Producer at Silver Rain Games and is currently working on a very exciting unannounced EA Originals title. She has shipped multiple titles across all major platforms in development and publishing environments as a producer and product manager at 2K Games, Soedesco and Guerrilla Games. She has worked on titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds, Mafia: Definitive Edition, NBA 2K and Borderlands. Outside of her work at SR she focuses on player behavior within game communities and creating safer environments for marginalized folks within the industry. She believes that we can make for a better industry through compassion and radical change.
At Dutch Game Day Esmeralda is part of the Producer Panel: Elevating your team to the next level.

Astrid Huntjens is a Technical Art Producer at Guerrilla. Earlier this year she helped shipping Horizon Forbidden West, supporting the tech teams on the PS4 optimization and pushing the limits of the performance. Before diving into console development, she worked on a variety of content: from curating and publishing web/mobile games, producing VR/AR experiences, to external development. Whenever given the opportunity, she loves supporting initiatives that give a platform to (indie) developers less seen or heard.
At Dutch Game Day Astrid is part of the Producer Panel: Elevating your team to the next level.


Find the complete schedule of talks here: http://controlconference.com/sessions-2022/
Find the speakers here: http://controlconference.com/speakers/

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Gamescom is back! The 2022 edition will host a live trade show in the Koelnmesse, Cologne from August 24th to 26th. Once again this promises to be Europe’s biggest trade show for the game industry. The Dutch Games Association is putting together a Holland Pavilion after previous successful editions.

If you are interested in participating at the Holland Pavilion you can find more information and register your interest here.

Please register before May 20th. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible to finalise the details.

Any questions, feel free to reach out to martine@dutchgamesassociation.nl or fedor@dutchgamesassociation.nl.

We are happy to announce our DGA Roundtable on topic Game Education & Research on May 25th, 16.00 – 19.00. It will be a live edition, at Universiteit Utrecht (Marinus Rupert building, Red Room, 21 Leuvenlaan, 3584 CE Utrecht).

The DGA Roundtable (formerly known as ‘Industrieoverleg’) is an informal meeting for all Dutch game developers, that aims to discuss the most relevant topics for the Dutch game industry.

The conversation on education & game studios will be kick started by Christel van Grinsven who will present a first insight in the new Games Monitor 2022. One of the topics of the Games Monitor is as always the connection to the professional field of education and vice versa.

There will be two discussion rounds on improving the connection between Research & Education and the professional field.

16.00 Roundtable – Education & Game studios
16.50 Break
17.00 Panel – Game studios & Research
18.00 Networking & Drinks

Everyone who wants to contribute to the subject in a positive way is welcome to join the conversation.

Please join us! Get your (free) ticket here.

Note: everyone from the Dutch game industry can register. You don’t have to be a DGA member.

Are you going to GDC next week? Be sure to check out the following events that are organized by people from the Dutch game industry:

European Game Showcase

The European Game Showcase at GDC is a pro-bono event where 30+ European developers showcase their newest games to the press, publishers, and strategic partners. It’s an invite-only event aimed to help developers and their showcased projects in taking the next steps towards success. One of the organizers is Alessandra van Otterlo.

Find all the info here


CourageXL is a meetup with GDC & GameConnection visitors on March 20, the day before the conferences start! It is organized by Menno Deen and Sabina Zavala. What to expect:

  • 30 (indie) game developers to showcase their latest game.
  • Play a game and get a drink.
  • Meet 500+ game industry professionals.

Click here for more info and registration

Games4Diversity Dinner

Join the annual BYO Games [Diversity] Dinner on March 23! Every year we gather at District Six (formerly known as Soma Streat Food Park) to meet game professionals that wish to contribute to improved diversity&inclusion in the game industry. Feel free to join in! Everyone’s welcome! District Six is conveniently located close to the DNA Lounge, where GGP normally organises the Gay Game Professionals Party. This event is organized by Menno Deen and Sabina Zavala.

Click here for more info and registration


Join the best matchmaking service in the games industry, during the largest trade show of North America! MeetToMatch – The San Francisco Edition is your most relevant platform for business in the games industry during GDC since 2017. Trusted by hundreds of publishers, investors, governments and developers, our platform enables you to get in contact with the right people from game companies around the world.

Click here for more info and registration

Dutch Lounge

The Dutch Games Association, together with MeetToMatch, proudly presents the opportunity to join a Dutch delegation to San Francisco and access to MeetToMatch – The San Francisco Edition 2022. They have announced the Dutch Lounge: a private meeting area for the Dutch Games Industry during GDC 2022, just one block away from Moscone Center. Activities include a business breakfast at the Dutch Consulate on March 22 and Dutch Drinks @ Dutch Lounge, in the evening of March 22.

Click here for more info

Dutch Business Breakfast @ Consulate

The Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco organizes an intimate business breakfast on the occasion of GDC, and a Dutch delegation visiting the conference under the umbrella of the Dutch Games Association. By joining this breakfast network meeting you will be able to not only expand your network, but gain insights into current industry trends. There will be a panel of experts who will address “The M-word: How the Metaverse is Pushing the Boundaries of the International Gaming Industry”.

Click here for more info and registration

Dutch Drinks @ Dutch Lounge

Meet Dutch delegation members, international publishers and investors and other valuable partners during the opening of the Dutch Lounge at 643 Mission Street, the day before the expo starts! Drinks and snacks are provided. To make sure they do not overcrowd, you have to apply for this event and are not automatically admitted

Click here for more info and registration

INDIGO is the leading game business and showcase event in the Netherlands, organized annually by Dutch Game Garden. This year INDIGO welcomes you to both an on-site and online program. Join the on-site conference with MeetToMatch square in Utrecht (NL), or tune in from a distance for online matchmaking and the Discover Showcase stream.

On June 17th, hundreds of game industry professionals, investors, publishers and service providers from the Netherlands and beyond will gather at INDIGO. The event is divided into three tracks: an on-site conference, b2b matchmaking in collaboration with MeetToMatch, and an online games showcase.

On-site conference with MeetToMatch square

The INDIGO Talks Conference will be hosted at the Dotslash Campus in Utrecht this year and is divided into two tracks on game development and business. Industry experts will take the stage for interviews, lectures and panels on everything game development. At the on-site event space, a MeetToMatch square for in-person matchmaking will be available.

Time: 10:00 – 18:00 CEST.

Virtual MeetToMatch

INDIGO and MeetToMatch have partnered to provide you with a matchmaking tool that will help get you connected to publishers, service providers, and other game companies. The platform allows you to check and filter on whether people are on-site versus virtually attending, enabling you to make the most out of your presence as possible.

Time: 09:00 – 21:00 CEST.

Online Discover Showcase

Discover 25 new game creations from the Netherlands and Belgium. The games will be played by streamers who are with us live in the INDIGO studio. Deveopers are invited on the stream to talk about their game and streamers will answer questions from the audience. 

Time: 09:00 – 18:00 CEST. 

Check out indigoshowcase.nl for more info or get your ticket now!

We’re happy to announce that as of today, Martine Spaans will officially join our team as General Manager. In her role she will take the lead on the operational business of the Association. 

Martine started her career in 2006 when Flash browser games were booming. She has worked with more than 1000 game developers in various stages of her career. In 2013 she founded Tamalaki Games to publish Casual Games on mobile. In cooperation with partner-company FGL she brought several Hidden Object and Match-3 titles to the top of the app stores.

In 2021 she took on the role of Project Manager to bring the Dutch Game Awards back to life. The Awards were a big success, which convinced us that Martine is the right person to drive the Dutch Games Association forward. 

You may reach out to Martine at martine@dutchgamesassociation.nl.

The Dutch Games Association, together with MeetToMatch, proudly presents the opportunity to join a Dutch delegation to San Francisco and access to MeetToMatch – The San Francisco Edition 2022 in the week of March 21 to 25, 2022.

The Dutch Games Association announces the Dutch Lounge: a private meeting area for the Dutch Games Industry during GDC 2022, just one block away from Moscone Center. We are convinced that having a location outside of the official GDC Expo offers the additional opportunity to meet with people that do not have a GDC pass, while still being close to the official venue.

The delegation is focused on traveling to San Francisco during GDC. Obviously we are recommending to make your own consideration if you are comfortable to visit the event physically. Simultaneously, we also invite people to join the event virtually, so you can participate from the comfort of home.

This opportunity has been made possible with the support of Creative NL and the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO).

The Program

Together with the Dutch Consulate and NBSO, we are planning to organize several items, such as:

  • Preliminary to GDC week –> Potential Los Angeles Start-up Program with NBSO.
  • Breakfast session at Dutch Consulate – Program to be announced. Tuesday morning, March 22, 2022
  • Business hours at Consulate. During GDC week –> Per appointment.
These items are free after registration through the form.

Details on MeetToMatch – The San Francisco Edition 2022:

Join the most relevant (virtual) matchmaking service in the games industry during GDC! The MeetToMatch team focuses once again on bringing all the relevant publishers, investors and developers who would normally have been present in San Francisco together virtually on March 21-25, 2022.

The platform allow you to check and filter on whether people are on-site versus virtually attending, enabling you to make the most out of your presence as possible.

Confirmed country partners:

  • Dutch Games Association
  • Canada Game Nation
  • SwissGames
  • Belgian Games
  • and many more to be confirmed

More information can be found here.

Available on-site packages

Business PackageCompany visibility Package
Access to the Dutch Lounge and conduct your business meetings.Additional promotion, visibility and lead generation in the Dutch lounge

This package includes (for one person):

  • Access to the Dutch lounge on Wed-Fri.
  • Access to coffee / tea in the lounge.
  • One ticket to the Dutch Drinks on Tuesday evening on March 22, 2022
  • Opportunity to showcase one game or service during the Dutch Drinks on Tuesday evening on March 22, 2022
  • Planning business meetings in the MeetToMatch platform.
  • Showcase Games, Products & Service as part of the Dutch Showcase on the MeetToMatch platform to easily be discovered by participants.

This package includes:

  • Everything from the Business package PLUS
  • Access to the Dutch lounge on Wed-Fri for two people from the same company.
  • Two tickets to the Dutch Drinks on Tuesday evening on March 22, 2022 (and +2 tickets)
  • Opportunity for a two minute stage-time during the Dutch Drinks on Tuesday evening on March 22, 2022
  • Company logo visibility during the event and  corresponding communication for the Dutch Drinks.
Normal price € 399Normal price € 1.599
Special Dutch lounge offering: € 299*
* Additional teammembers can be added for 99 Euro. Limited supply, distributed equally.
Special Dutch lounge offering: € 1250*
* Additional teammembers can be added for 99 Euro. Limited supply, distributed equally.


Available virtual package

Virtual Business Package 

This package includes:

  • Planning business meetings in the MeetToMatch platform.
  • Games or Product & Service showcase as part of the Dutch Showcase on the MeetToMatch platform to easily be discovered by participants.
Normal price € 149,00 
Special Dutch digital offering: € 99,00 

Dutch Lounge venue

The Dutch Lounge will be situated only one block away from Moscone Center, at 643 Mission Street (Google Maps), allowing you to meet with everyone that you have scheduled a meeting with.

The Dutch Lounge will be accesible for Dutch delegation members with a valid Package only, and their meeting counterparts, due to the desire to provide a COVID-safe and manageable venue.

Dutch Lounge location Impression of the Dutch Lounge venue. Actual setup likely will be different.


Safety measures and potential implications.

The Dutch Lounge will follow national and local guidelines with regard to COVID-19 measures to ensure a safe and comfortable space. Complying with these measures could results in additional precautions such as, but not limited to, obligatory face masks, and social distancing. Such measures might results in limited meeting opportunities in the Dutch lounge, the refusal of entry for meeting counterparts from meetings scheduled outside of MeetToMatch or the request of temporarily leaving the premises if the Dutch lounge participant has no current meeting planned.

Cancellation policy.

There will be no refunds available. In the case of the cancellation, postponement or turning fully virtual of GDC 2022, the chosen on-site packages, will be automatically be changed to the virtual package, and the corresponding virtual price will be invoiced, or the difference credited. A change in the personal decision  of a participant on participation or travel offers no opportunity for cancellation or downgrade.


We love to see your registration for these events, so we can show a strong and creative Dutch Games Industry to the rest of the world. You participation will definately also help us in confirming and securing support for future trade shows, when they will return back to on-site events.

Register today here


And a big thanks

This opportunity has been made possible with the support of Creative NL and the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO), who are supporting our industry during these events financially.​

The DGA Roundtable (formerly known as ‘Industrieoverleg’) is an informal meeting for all Dutch game developers that aims to discuss the most relevant topics for the Dutch game industry.

The second edition will be an online DGA Roundtable (via Zoom) and will be organized on February 9th, 16.00 – 17.30. This edition’s topic will be: Diversity.

It will be an open conversation in which we explore the following questions:

  • Which diversity topics are currently important in the Dutch game industry?
  • Which initiatives currently exist?
  • How can these initiatives be supported?
  • Which successes have you booked, and how did you achieve them?
  • How can DGA support?
  • Which next step(s) can we take?

Everyone who wants to contribute to the subject in a positive way is welcome to join the conversation. Derk de Geus, chairman of the Dutch Games Association and CEO of Paladin Studios, will lead the discussion.

Please join us! Get your (free) ticket here.

Note: everyone from the Dutch game industry can register. You don’t have to be a DGA member.

The winners of the Dutch Game Awards 2021 have just been announced at the leading award show for Dutch game developers. The show was held at Beeld en Geluid in Hilversum, during Dutch Media Week. 

The Dutch Game Awards has several categories, from ‘Best Game’ to ‘Best Student Game’ and three special awards. The winners have been chosen by a professional jury. Apart from winning an award, the winners also get a spot in the Beeld en Geluid collection, where the title will be stored forever as cultural heritage.

And the winners are…!

Best Game: Good Job! – Paladin Studios
Best Art: The Falconeer – Tomas Sala
Best Audio: Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy – Ludomotion
Best Innovation: Traffic Jams – Little Chicken Game Company
Best Technology: Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy – Ludomotion
Best Game Design: Good Job! – Paladin Studios
Best Commercial Achievement: The White Door –  Rusty Lake
Best Applied Game: Sparky – Lunggames
Best Debut Game: Deliver Us The Moon: KeokeN Interactive
Best Student Game: Arid – Sad Viscasha Studios – BUas

The jury has chosen Good Job! as winner in the Best Game and Best Game Design category: “The fact alone that this is the first Dutch game made in collaboration with Nintendo makes Good Job! very special. Paladin Studios has delivered great work creating a stylish, creative, polished but most of all fun puzzle game.” 

The Falconeer gets the award for Best Art:Tomas Sala has made this AAA-production mostly on his own, but if you see The Falconeer, you’d think there’s a big development team behind it. This is mainly because of the artwork. Tomas has created a world that entertains and surprises the players for hours, but keeps them focused at the same time. The mist, clouds and the water work in perfect harmony to keep the player on the edge of his seat.” 

Unexplored 2 – The Wayfarer’s Legacy has won two awards, for Best Audio and Best Technical Achievement. Jury: “The content generator is based on years of research and experiments and makes Unexplored 2 push its boundaries. Same goes for the audio, where the team pushes their boundaries by adjusting the audio to different surroundings and even in real-time.   

The size of the team of the Best Student Game was impressive for the jury: “For a student project it is impressive to manage a team of 21 people, especially during the corona crisis. Apart from that, they have carefully listened to their community during the making of Arid. With an incredibly duration of 7 hours, professional voice-overs, a dynamic soundtrack and a lot of knowledge about the South American Atacameño, Sad Viscacha has delivered a game, with a quality that equals that of an experienced studio.

Special Awards
The special awards have been created for studios, persons or initiatives that are sometimes more on the background, but are still important for the Dutch game industry.

The winners of the special awards are… 

Best Studio: Vertigo Games
Inclusion Award: Sacha Blom
Lifetime Award: Mark Overmars

That Vertigo Games is the winner of the Best Studio award is a logical decision, says the jury: “It is one of the leading VR studios in the world. The fact that Vertigo Games has taken oven Force Field is important for the growth of the studio, but also to show the potential and quality of the Dutch game industry.

The Inclusion Award went to the recently graduated Sacha Blom: “Her final internship was on “inclusive hiring & recruting”. In a short period of time, she managed to build a big network (including studio leaders) that was willing to talk to her about one of the hardest topics in the game industry: inclusivity. Since then she’s busy starting an active momentum for diversity and inclusion, and she has also become ambassador for Women in Games.

And last but not least, the Lifetime Achievement Award, went to the ‘wise owl’ of the Dutch Game Industry: Mark Overmars. The jury says Mark embodies game development, and that his passion and ambition has reached many Dutch and international game developers via his companies, classrooms and via Gamemaker of course!