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Code of Conduct - Dutch Game Industry Slack

This policy is a “living” document, and subject to refinement and expansion in the future. If you think something should be added to this document, please let us know via

The Dutch Games Industry Slack was created for games industry professionals to support each other, network, share knowledge, and socialise. It’s a place where there should be no gatekeeping, whether about knowledge or who is ‘a gamedev’. Importantly, the Dutch Games Industry Slack is a safe place for everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, disability, race, age, religion, body size, age, etc. 

This slack is moderated by a team of volunteers from the Netherlands. We all come from a variety of backgrounds, and donate our time to help make our community feel welcoming to all.

It’s not a place for students to join to ask for jobs – but there is a dedicated jobs channel for existing members.

When you are on this Slack, you agree and understand that:

  • We have zero tolerance for abuse, harassment, discrimination or toxicity, whether in this slack or otherwise
  • We respect people’s boundaries and identities
  • We do not use language that can be considered oppressive (systemically or otherwise) such as sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, classist, etc. – This includes (but is not limited to) various slurs
  • We are treating this Slack as a professional community space where 1000+ peers can read your messages
  • Keep the topics in Slack channels relevant to their names. If a channel uses threads, keep replies to a particular topic in its thread.
  • Your name and photo is true to your identity. This means you can use the name you are using in professional settings: For example, if you’re transitioning and are using a different name, that’s fine! But you shouldn’t use your online nickname – We do not want people hiding behind anonymous usernames as this is a professional setting (If you need an exception to this – Please contact the admins)
  • Admins may occasionally ask you to stop doing something (e.g. moving on from a subject or a thread), please acknowledge this and respect it – Admins will often talk to each other before stepping in a conversation, and we try to do it only when necessary.
  • Both English and Dutch may be used on this Slack. Do use language as a way to include people into conversations.  

We condemn:

  • Stalking, doxxing, or publishing private information
  • Threats or actively harming, harassing, or discriminating against people
  • Using language or memes that are explicitly linked to extremist groups wishing harm upon marginalised people
  • Retaliation against someone who may have complained about you to admins
  • Anything that compromises people’s safety

We encourage:

  • Asking questions
  • Posting about jobs
  • Posting about events that are coming up
  • Helping out other members
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Assuming positive intent from others
  • Inviting other friendly people from the Dutch Games Industry

This code of conduct applies to anyone in this slack, regardless of seniority or how long they have been in the industry.

Anyone who breaks these rules may be removed without notice, with zero tolerance. Second to this, we can remove anyone, for any reason. The slack is not owned or run by a company.

How do you report concerns?

If you have concerns about one of your peers in this slack, please reach out to any of the slack admins, you can find who the admins are by typing !admin on any place where Slackbot is present (Slackbot works in a conversation with yourself)

Any report made to us will be taken seriously. Here’s the process that we follow:

  • We will investigate it immediately
  • The findings along with your complaint will then be posted in a private channel with all admins present, where we will discuss what we believe is an appropriate response
  • When admins have found consensus, we may then take action – This can be reaching out to the person to warn them that their behaviour isn’t welcome here, offer some feedback, or remove them from this slack.
  • We will always endeavour to respect the privacy of all people included; this means that we might not be able to let you know what the result of your report was, but do know that it has been taken seriously and was discussed with several people present.

This Code of Conduct is based on the UK Game Industry Slack Code of Conduct with their permission.

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