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During the Game Developers Conference (GDC), taking place from March 21-25 2022, Dutch Games Association (DGA) will be hosting the Dutch lounge: a private meeting area for the Dutch Games Industry during GDC 2022, just one block away from the Moscone Center. Feel free to drop by to have a chat with one of the many great Dutch game developers.

Join the conversation at the Dutch lounge!
The Netherlands is a small country, but when it comes to game development, its influence is a lot bigger than you’d imagine. Two Sony Worldwide Studios are based in The Netherlands: Guerrilla Games and Nixxes. Guerrilla has recently delivered a smash hit with Horizon Forbidden West and Nixxes left its mark by co-developing blockbuster franchises like Tomb Raider.

The Dutch industry has more to offer than AAA though! Indie darling Vlambeer was Dutch, as is Noio, the developer behind the Kingdom franchise. Plus, the industry comes knocking on Dutch doors seeking the best in tech. Abstraction, for instance, has helped develop Halo, Mass Effect Legendary Edition and is now also involved with the Funcom Dune game.

Derk de Geus, chairman of the DGA says: “One of the focus points for the DGA is the international presence of the Dutch game industry. As one of the biggest developer shows in the world, GDC is the prime candidate for these activities. With the Dutch lounge we aim to showcase the creativity and strength of the Dutch game industry to potential business partners.”


Opportunities for the Dutch Games Industry

A number of Dutch studios will represent their games at the Dutch lounge during GDC. Amongst them is – when he’s not giving one of his talks at GDC – The Falconeer developer Tomas Sala. He’s looking forward to talking about the further expansion of the world of The Falconeer. Besides game developers, companies like Steam Data Suite or Dimenco, a CES Innovation Award 2022 winner and developer of the world’s most advanced 3D Display Technology, will also be available for a chat.

Tomas Sala is at GDC to talk about how to develop art without textures and he’s joining a panel about solo developments; Myths, Reality and Survival Strategies. For Sala, the importance of GDC and the support of DGA with networking once there can be summarized as: “being a solo developer means that I cannot afford to rely on casual networking or continuous business development, I am dependent on focused events such as GDC to make vital connections with likeminded people and business contacts on which the further development of the world of The Falconeer and release of my future projects depend.”

Maarten Tobias, the CEO Dimenco shares: “GDC is the most important Gaming conference for us to connect with Gamers, Creators, designers, and stakeholders from around the world. Partnering with DGA supports us in growing the eco system for the innovative SR display technology even further..”


The Dutch studios currently registered to participate:

2Awesome Studio

2Awesome Studio is an independent game development studio specialized in high quality development and porting with more than 25 employees (including engineers, artists, designers and QA).

Product/Game: AK-xolotl


We are offering: Publishing, Game development, Consultancy, Console Porting

Interested in meeting: Investors, Publishers, Developers


CoolGames develops high quality mobile games for the post app-store era, based on HTML5 technology. Game platforms include Snapchat, Facebook, Google Assistant and many others.

Product/Game: HTML5 mobile games for emerging platforms in the post app-store era


We are offering: Publishing, Game development

Interested in meeting: Investors, Developers, Platform owners (Emerging game platforms)

Dimenco SR Appstore

Dimenco Developed Simulated Reality (SR) display technology, that allows users to interact with 3D gaming content in a natural way, without the use of wearables.

Product/Game: Gaming in Simulated Reality


We are offering: Publishing, Game development, Hardware, New spatial display technology

Interested in meeting: Developers

Recognition & Awards

FGL & Tamalaki Publishing

We’re doing 3 things: Mobile Publisher of F2P Casual Games, Roblox Publishing and we manage P2E experiences on the WAX Blockchain.

Product/Game: Publishing Services


We are offering: Publishing

Interested in meeting: Developers

Grendel Games

Paladin Studios

On a mission to create “games that make you smile”, Paladin is renowned for their originality, visual polish, and high quality games.

Product/Game: Full-service game development


We are offering: Game development

Interested in meeting: Investors, Publishers

Recognition & Awards

  • October 2021: Won the Best Game and Best Game Design for Good Job! at the Dutch Game Awards
  • April 2021: Cut The Rope Remastered launched on Apple Arcade
  • July 2020: 15 year anniversary of Paladin
  • March 2020: Good Job! launched on Nintendo Switch

Richie de Wit

I’m a freelance business development consultant from the Netherlands currently working with Robot Teddy (bizdev, sales & discounts, platform relations, and more) and the Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds (adviser/mentor).


I’m offering: Business development services and free 30-minute consulting sessions for developers who need help with the business side of things.

Interested in meeting: Developers

Steam Data Suite

A reporting solution that enables you to optimize your visibility, presence and performance on Steam, including advanced market, marketing and store page insights.


We are offering: Services (data)

Interested in meeting: Publishers

Recognition & Awards:

  • Integrated with over 1% of all Steam games, helped hundreds of companies achieve more success on Steam since 2017.

Super Menno Monster

Super Menno Monster is a freelance game designer for social impact games. Games that connect.

Product/Game: SamenSpelen – Unmask – Lekker


We are offering: Game development, Events

Interested in meeting: Investors, Publishers

Recognition & Awards:

  • VilDu?! Best Serious Game 2017 – Dutch Game Awards (amongst many other awards)

That's Joni's Business

Freelance (Indie) Bizzdev with 10 years of experience, representing a multitude of game related projects, initiatives and professionals – who all require different forms of partnerships and assistance.


We are offering: Services (business development)

Interested in meeting: Developers, Publishers, Investors,

Tomas Sala

Tomas Sala is a maverick independent developer, BAFTA Nominated Artist and creator of The Falconeer. He is currently working on a vertical fortified city builder in the Falconeer universe.

Product/Game: The Falconeer and The Falconeer: Bulwark


We are offering: Game development

Interested in meeting: Investors, Publishers, IP development and business development


Utomik is an unlimited PC gaming subscription platform with 1300+ games in its ever-growing library focused on bringing the best experience through cutting-edge technology.


We are offering: Distribution through a great, non-friction, subscription service, a platform for your games

Interested in meeting: Publishers, Developers

Recognition & Awards:

Viscacha Studios

Discover the mysteries of the Atacama, explore the abandoned mining networks, evade the scorching sun and survive the environment in one of the most arid places in the world.

Product/Game: Arid


We are offering: Game development, Consultancy

Interested in meeting: Investors, Publishers, Developers

Recognition & Awards:

Meet the Dutch Delegation

If you want to meet the Dutch participants, reach out to or sign up for MeetToMatch – The San Francisco Edition 2022 and schedule a meeting with the participants directly.


It’s also possible to apply for a spot during the Dutch Drinks on March 22 in San Francisco here.


The Dutch lounge is made possible by Creative NL and RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency).