DGA Talks

Starting from January 2022, we will bring you the DGA Talks to share experiences, present best-of-class use cases and most important of all, inspire us in our daily work as game professionals!

If we look at the games landscape as a whole, most attention and industry focus is usually on games for mobile, new console titles and PC games. However, not everyone might realize that there’s actually an entire new world of game channels arising, beyond the traditional app-stores, PlayStation or Steam.

In our first DGA Talk, we will therefore focus on a number of Emerging Game Platforms that could also be of interest to the Dutch games community. Hosted by Laurens Rutten (DGA Board member and co-CEO of CoolGames), the DGA Talks will feature:

  •  Pedro Rodrigues, Head of Game Partnerships EMEA at Snap Inc,
  • Jannik Hülshoff from Twitch Games
  • Adriaan de Jongh who will talk about his experiences with developing for two subscription based mobile game platforms.

And there will be plenty of opportunities for questions and debate.

Note: everyone from the Dutch game industry can register. You don’t have to be a DGA member.

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