Zilveren Kruis

About our Partner

DGA has made good arrangements with Zilveren Kruis, which means that you (and your employees) get an attractive discount on your premium. As an added touch, the discount is also valid for your family members.

For DGA members the following discounts apply:

You are well insured with Zilveren Kruis.

  • To submit a claim for healthcare expenses, use the Zilveren Kruis-app or Mijn Zilveren Kruis.
  • To obtain medical advice, use the Zilveren Kruis Wijzer to quickly find answers to your medical questions, wherever you are.
  • If you want to live a healthier lifestyle, try Actify, our vitality coach for everything concerning your health.
  • If you need any additional help, our Care Coach will help you apply for and arrange your care.
Benefits for DGA members:

Interested and want to switch to Zilveren Kruis?
If you’re a member and you haven’t received the discount code, then send us an email via contact@dutchgamesassociation.nl, then we will send you all the details and the designated link to get your health insurance with discount. Sign up with Zilveren Kruis by 31 December 2023 and they will arrange the switch for you.

Not a DGA member yet? We would love to welcome you aboard! Sign up here.

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