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We organize several game-related events throughout the year, ranging from trade missions & pavilions to an award show & small meetups to get inspired

Dutch Game Awards

The Dutch Game Awards was founded in 2007, and was organized by ImproVive for 10 years. After a 4 year break, the Dutch Games association continued the organization of the Awards in 2021.

The Dutch Game Awards aims to promote, highlight and celebrate Dutch games, its 575(+) game companies, its 3800+ professionals, and educational institutes and students.

The Dutch Game Awards are an acknowledgement of creativity, skill and business insight of the dutch game developers. They will be handed out to game companies and entrepreneurs who have distinguished themselves (inter-)nationally.

Dutch Game Day, powered by Control

The first Dutch Game Day took place on October 6 2022 at Beeld & Geluid in Hilversum. The event was a cooperation between Dutch Media Week, Dutch Games Association and Control.

With two tracks filled with national and international speakers, Dutch Game Day facilitates inspiration, knowledge sharing and networking among game professionals. After the success of the first Dutch Game Day it will continue as an annual event.

Netherlands Pavilion

We host the yearly Netherlands Pavilion at Devcom and Tokyo Game Show, bringing together all relevant publishers, investors, and developers.

If you are interested in participating as well, please send an email to contact@dutchgamesassociation.nl, or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated. Find all the upcoming Pavilions and events on our Events page.

DGA Talks & Roundtable

Our DGA Talks & Roundtables are bi-monthly events that are open to all Dutch Game Industry professionals.

DGA Talks
These seminars (live or online) have two or three expert speakers from the Dutch industry or international presenters to help Dutch companies to discover new tracks.

DGA Roundtable
We use our DGA Roundtables to gather and discuss subjects relevant to the entire industry.

Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated about the latest events. Find all the upcoming events on our Events page.

Government Lobby

We have a task force that gets together on a weekly basis to discuss the government lobby, to keep government bodies up to date on the state of our industry and communicate our industry’s needs.

Want to join us? Or do you have ideas for the Government Lobby? Please send an email to contact@dutchgamesassociation.nl

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