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It is hard to imagine a world without digital technologies. The ICT sector has transformed and connected our world and continues to do so on a daily basis. Over the past decades, the sector has proven to be one of the driving forces behind emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, augmented and virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity and big data. And now, if you look at Serious Gaming, the sector is a catalyst for innovation in other sectors such as Life Sciences & Health and Transport.

PNO Consultants helps propel ICT annually assists over 500 IT organisations, from start-up to spin-off to multinational. Among a lot of other things, we help them obtaining finance for R&D projects.

Which funding opportunities are available to me? How can I apply for an R&D tax credit like WBSO? What obligations do I have when acquiring public funding?

We are asked such questions on a daily basis – and we always have an answer!

For DGA Members: Our IT experts look forward to helping you with your questions. Some of the services we are offering you, as a DGA-member:

  • Free generic funding scan
  • 1-hour free WBSO-ICT advice
  • Free access to our events and workshops
  • Always time for an inspiring chat about chances and opportunities in your market!


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