The house rules

  1. Always keep in mind that behind every username, there is a human being.
  2. So, treat others like you want to be treated yourself. Being critical and giving feedback is allright, but don’t try to deliberately hurt someone else’s feelings. Written texts just are different from a spoken reaction. If you find information that is very useful to you: thank the person who put it up there. Keep in mind what you would feel if someone else responded to you in a certain way.
  3. Behave yourself online like you would offline. Boundaries are crossed easier in an online world, but that doesn’t mean that they are not there. Copying other people’s texts without mentioning the original author happen a lot, but it is against copyright laws to do so. Flaunting with someone else’s ideas or work is something nobody likes...
  4. When in Rome…
  5. Do as the Romans do. If you enter a new online environment, take a little time to look around and observe. Listen what people are talking about and what ‘language’ they speak. Keep this in mind when entering a disucssion.
  6. Let other people have their own response
  7. Everyone has the right to their own opinion. If you put yours up there very dominantly, you might be taking away the space for somebody else to respond. Formulate your opinion once, and make it clear but don’t overdo it and respect that on every topic there can be different opinions.
  8. Respect other people’s time
  9. When you put up a post or response, you are using other people’s time. So, think about how it is spent well. Write clear text and keep it short en keep a central topic. And don’t copy full texts in your responses to make them look more powerful.
  10. Share your expert knowledge
  11. If some people are giving intelligent responses to matters, this increases the sum of total knowledge. Help build a good and meaningful discussion. Put emphasis on your arguments.
  12. Stick to the topic
  13. As a registered DRIVES member, you can respond to every message. Always make the subject of the discussion, the subject of your response. If a discussion turns into a 1-on-1 conversation, that is not relevant to the crowd, move to a chat discussion or email. If you want to elaborate on some topic that is on the website: ask the webmaster(s) if you can help write the text on that topic.
  14. Help others stop meaningless discussions or insult each other
  15. You can stand up for yourself. But making someone else’s day miserable, or using abusive language is not appreciated on DRIVES. These comments will be removed immediately. Need a fight? Do it in your own time! Or if you can’t figure it out, ask help from the editors of the website, they can help you from experience.
  16. Be forgiving
  17. Not everyone has the same expertise on every topic. So when someone makes a mistake, be it a typo, or a weird question or a very elaborate but useless response, be polite. If it’s a small mistake, there is no need to point it out to the other person.
  18. Personal Branding
  19. Introduce yourself. Choose a unique username, so others can recognize you easily. Say more than ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or ‘nice’ ‘not nice’. You will be rated on the quality of what you write. So do a spellcheck and check your text on grammar and readability before you press ‘post’.

The basis for these house rules were those of Frankwatching. Check them out here.

Add posts from your browser

If you are a member of Dutch Games Association then you can store posts on the platform. On each page of Dutch Games Association you will find the button Create post. This opens a screen where you can create a new post. When you are surfing on the web, however, it is useful to directly save the page you are looking at as a post. For this reason we offer a piece of javascript code that you can add to your favorites or bookmark area of your browser. If you are surfing and run into an interesting page you can add it to Dutch Games Association with just one click.

Add me, Create post, to your favorites. Drag the link to your browserbar or add it using the right mouse button menu.

Dutch Games Association has been designed and created for use with the latest main version and the last LTS (Long Term Stable) versions of web browsers. (As an example in May 2017: Microsoft IE11 and Edge, Chrome version 58, Firefox 45 (ESR) and Safari 10. Because of safety considerations we do not recommend older versions. Harmonics works on IE10 functionally and lower versions are not supported.)

Web feeds

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