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Dutch Games Association

GAMESNL| A documentary about the Dutch games industry

Welcome to gamesNL! Watch all parts of the first documentary about the Dutch games industry here for free.

Take a trip back in time to Guerrilla Games's finest hour, when Hermen Hulst explains to you how they were the only ones to succeed at a live demo of Killzone at the official Playstation 4 presentation. Dive into Dutch applied gaming and research by joining Professor of Surgery of the Amsterdam Medical Centre Marlies Schijven when she envisions a gamified care system. Or simply agree with Vlambeer's Rami Ismaïl on the fact that there is just nothing like games.

gamesNL Part 1 | A closer look at the Dutch games industry

gamesNL Part 2 | The Rise of entertainment games

gamesNL Part 3 | Applied Games & Gamification

gamesNL Part 4 | Research & Development

For more info about the DGA visit the Services channel, or go to the homepage for the latest news.
This documentary is a joint initiative of the Dutch Games Association and CLICKNL|Games. With special thanks to production and promotion company Ride


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