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Dutch Games Association

Funding Opportunity for Game Developers

The Creative Europe Desk recently put out a call for video game proposals. This call for proposals is a funding round by which the funding is allocated for each scheme and supports the development of a commercial narrative-led video game, from concept to the first version of a playable prototype. The call has been set out by Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), of the European Commission. Companies can apply until the 2nd of March.

Game Requirements

Games that are eligible for support are narrative storytelling video games, regardless of their platform. The project needs to be intended for commercial use and have cross-border potential. Please take into account that the production of the game can start 8 months after the application, not earlier. In addition projects need to:

  • Be original, innovative and have creative value.
  • Be cultural diverse in comparison to mainstream works.
  • Enhance European cultural identity and heritage.
  • Has substantial interactivity with a narrative component.

For more details on what type of games are legible to apply go to the EACEA website, or download the guidelines for more information.

Company Requirements

Companies that can apply for fund need to be established in the participating countries (this includes the Netherlands) in the Media sub-program. The company needs to be registered for at least 12 months and owns the majority of the rights to their project.

In addition the company needs to show they developed a commercial game that has been created by the applicant company. Having credits mentioned is not enough. Besides, a relevant sales report generated between January 1st 2014 and the date of submission, needs to be submitted also.

More information and how to apply

The total budget for this scheme is estimated at €3.78 million. The total grant awarded to each project can range from €10,000 to €150,000 and must be 50% match funded. The maximum duration of the project is 36 months from the moment of application, and can be extended with 6 months till 42 months in total.

Companies who would like to apply can do so before the 2nd of March 12:00pm. For more information of requirements and guidelines

For more information on all the guidelines and requirements go to the EACEA website or the Creative Europe UK website and download the guidelines.

If you are interested and would like to receive more information about this call, please send an email to Bram van Kranendonk via


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