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Dutch Games Association

Gamefonds continues under new name: Deelregeling Digitale Cultuur

As of January 1st this year, Gamefonds and E-Culture, will merge and continue under a new name: Deelregeling Digitale Cultuur. Previously, Gamefonds has played an important role in the emancipation of games within the cultural field. In the latest round of subsidies distributed by Gamefonds , nine different games have received support:

Eco’s by Architects Of

Echo’s is an immersive game where location theater and Live Action Role Playing come together. The games is situated in the fortress of IJmuiden where the players are looking for a group of scientists that have disappeared. With this game Architects Of are researching how and open world narrative concept can be translated to an interactive experience.

Islanders by Isabelle K.
Players of this game are farmers on an island when learn that and asteroid will reach Earth in one year, ending all life. The game develops itself as a place where people first start building crop, but during the game relations with other Islanders become more complex. Islanders touches upon philosophical and social aspects.

Timbre by Monobanda Play

Timbre is a game that takes place in an abstract-expressionist landscape, where players need to use vocals as their controller to solve puzzles, and as a creative tool. The game is not so much focused on words, but rather on vocal capacity. Timbre works together with media artists Beer van Geer and sound designer Lisanne Vermeulen.

Mirage by Paladin Studios

In Mirage players collect and create their own deck, and compete against each other in an arena. It is a mixture of Monuments Valley’s visual style and the strategy of checkers. The game distinguishes itself with its storyline and the combination of 2D and 3D elements. The soft launch of Mirage has been planned on the 25th of January this year.

Caveman Stories by Pixel-icious

Caveman Stories is a single player retro Role Playing Game with very detailed pixel artwork. The story takes place in pre-historic times and has a short interactive story that has been divided chapters. The different chapters are connected by cliffhangers. During the game players will discover the world and need to fight to survive.

Pine by Twirlsbound

Pine is an action-adventure game. The character Hue lives on the island Albamare and is looking for a new home for humankind. During the game Hue gets confronted by animals and enemies with whom he needs to cooperate. The Artificial Intelligence element in the game will start to recognize playing patterns, and will adjust the player’s enemies and environment throughout the game.

White Lily by Charlotte Madelon

White Lily is a game that touches upon dealing with trauma. The player takes care of tree different lilies suffering from an unknown decease. Based on the theory of psychotherapist Franz Rupert the lilies represent three parts of the psyche (surviving, health, and trauma), that will be split after a trauma in order to survive. The design is inspired by 16th and 17th century artwork.

The Tesla Dilemma by Sherlock

The Tesla Dilemma is an immersive game for team between three and five players. The game is an integration of mobile- and live elements. It is a puzzle game based on Nicola Tesla’s history and his research on radio waves, x-rays, and lighting.

Shoot Me by Headmade

Shoot Me is a community game and at the same time a new way of photography. In the game players need to ask other players to make a photo of them, a selfie they could not make themselves. Players receive a push-notification once they are in 50 meters away from each other. Headmade is an organization fascinated by human interaction and technology and work together with Mongrove.

More information
For more information on the change and the games that have received subsidies please go to the Stimuleringsfonds website.


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