UPDATE June 28, 2021: These vacancies have been fulfilled

The DGA is looking for new board members

Due to our ambitions and expected growth, we are looking for enthusiastic people that share our mission of creating a thriving game industry in The Netherlands, and who want to join the board.

DGA Board

Four board positions are currently available:

  • Research
  • Entertainment
  • Secretary
  • Serious Games

As a board member, you will work with the rest of the board and the operational team. You support the DGA members in your domain and co-create the strategy and actions of the association. You play an active role in your domain and network. You work with other volunteers in different task forces, each working on specific projects. Examples of these projects could include events, meetings and the creation of useful resources for our member base.

The board of the DGA is ultimately responsible for all activities and actions taken by the association. The board is currently organised in four – partially overlapping – divisions: Entertainment, Applied, Education and Research. Next to these division managers, the board is completed by a Chairperson, a Secretary and a Treasurer.

As we are an association, board positions are voluntary – they are unpaid (but highly valued). Tenure is not fixed, however we hope to welcome you for several years. The typical time investment is 2-4 hours per week. Board meetings are held online once per month.

Working at the DGA, you actively participate and contribute to the Dutch game community.


Within the board we have the following vacancies:

1 Entertainment

The Entertainment division traditionally represents the game studios that create entertainment games. As the Dutch game industry grows and matures, we have identified a need to more actively represent bigger studios in The Netherlands.

We will therefore split the Entertainment division into two parts: “Indies” and “Entertainment”.

The “Indies” division will be headed by current Entertainment board member Adriaan de Jongh. For the new “Entertainment” division, we are looking for a new board member who has affinity with bigger game studios (±25 FTE and larger). They will represent these larger studios, shaping the association’s policy decisions, and supporting efforts such as the government lobby and other projects as desired.

2 Research connected to the game industry

Serious games developers closely collaborate with research institutions, and moving forward the entertainment industry also needs research for hot topics like the impact of loot boxes and more generally the effects of games on players. Technical research also contributes to the innovations of tomorrow.

The research division has successfully organized Field Labs in the past to connect companies with the latest research findings. Several connections have been made between game companies and research institutions, resulting in partnerships and other collaborations.

We are looking for a new board member to pick up the research agenda, and look for more possibilities to enhance innovation and research.

3 Secretary

The Secretary supports the Chairperson and other board members to ensure smooth functioning of the board meetings. They prepare the meeting agenda and follow up with notes from the meeting, facilitating the administration for the board and generally supporting the board with practical matters.

They work with the operational team to ensure smooth running of the association’s administration and communications.

For this position, we are looking for someone with good organizational affinity and communication skills.

4 Serious Games

Serious games in the Netherlands are considered to be the most innovative in the world. The Dutch Games Association is looking for a board member who has skin in the serious game world. He or she has the ambition to bring the Dutch serious game studios to the next level.
This means that you will be working closely together with the other board members, talking to government representatives about grants and EU funding and getting/keeping in contact with the serious game companies.

For this position, we are looking for someone who has a proven track record working for serious game companies, and a willingness to help the Dutch serious game industry.


If you are interested in one of these positions, then please send an email to with your motivation and profile. You can also use this email address if you have any questions for us.

We will then organize an interview and make a selection of candidates. We will propose suitable candidates to the DGA members in a dedicated members meeting, where there will be a vote to install the new board members.

The whole process will be online due to the current situation around the coronavirus.

We look forward to hearing from you!

– The DGA team

About the Dutch Games Association (DGA)

The mission of the DGA is to represent the Dutch games industry and to support it in achieving its full economic, creative and social potential. The DGA is therefore a sector based organization aimed at both networking and knowledge building. The DGA represents the sector and creates relevant connections among members and with the rest of the world in and around the game industry.