ForsVC is actively seeking game companies in the Netherlands to invest in, with investments ranging from €150,000 to €2.5 million.

On February 28th, ForsVC is hosting a pitch event where game companies can apply to present their pitch live to the ForsVC management team. This is an excellent opportunity for game companies in the Netherlands to present their ideas and plans and potentially qualify for investments from ForsVC.

Although ForsVC is relatively new and has so far only made one investment in Cyborn, a game developer from Antwerp, they are determined to become a major player in the local gaming industry. ForsVC has recently set their sights on the Dutch market, where they see many promising game companies that could benefit from their support.

Game companies can always submit their pitch via On this website, they can also register for the end-of-February pitch event. They can also contact Eric Diepeveen (, who has recently taken on the role of managing director at ForsVC.

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