• Slack: The Dutch Games Industry Slack server is open to Dutch games industry professionals. You can request to join here.
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  • Network Lunch: The monthly DGG Network lunch is an excellent way to meet fellow game devs.
  • INDIGO is the yearly conference where the Dutch games industry meets up with international visitors and each other.
  • DGA Roundtables (formerly known Industrieoverleg):  bi-monthly informal meeting for all Dutch game developers that aims to discuss the most relevant topics for the Dutch game industry.
  • DGA Talks: bi-monthly (online) seminars with two or three expert speakers from the Dutch industry or with international presenters to help
    Dutch companies to discover new tracks.


Dutch Games Industry

Business Centers

  • Dutch Game Garden - internationally renowned games incubator / business center in Utrecht.
  • Game Bakery - cooperative association in Groningen that hosts 25+ game studios.
  • Indietopia - non-profit games business hub and accelerator in the North.


  • (run by Control Online). It has the biggest selection of game vacancies for the Netherlands and Europe.


  • DGA Vision: Our DGA Vision deck explains our high-level objectives.
  • DGA Task Forces: We are currently setting up dedicated Task Forces for these topics:
    • Government relations.
    • Dutch Games Industry Awards.
    • Entertainment Games Council.
    • Serous Games Council.
    • Want to join a task force? Let us know.
  • DGA Press Kit.
  • DGA Members.
  • DGA Partners.
  • Our Quarterly Reports are available for members. Not a member yet? Sign up here.

Funding & Support

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