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"The Netherlands has one of the best Serious Games industries in the world."

Emily Jacometti - Division Manager Serious
Emily Jacometti is our Division Manager Serious. Emily is Co-Founder of Flavour, HackShield and Quinn. Her mission is to have a positive impact on the world through gamification. She is also keynotespeaker and panel member on subjects like entrepeneurship, gamification, building a business, SAAS, diversity, inclusivity, female founders.

Emily’s goal as a board member is to connect companies, to find out what their needs and wishes are, and to make a plan (and execute it) directly, openly and focused on the goal.

Her job as a Division Manager Serious is to:

The serious game sector is an important part of the Dutch Game Industry so please join us!

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Upcoming events

DGA Serious Games Events

The following upcoming Serious Game events are co-organized by the Dutch Games Association.

Awards for Serious Games

Serious and applies games often have their own awards category. Check the list down below to see what awards there are and how you can apply!

Dutch Game Awards

The Dutch Game Awards have their own category for applied Games. It is awarded to the best game developed not for the primary purpose of entertainment, but for education, training, medical appliance, therapy, etc. Criteria include the achieved impact and general excellence in concept and execution.


SAGANET, The Dutch association for serious games, gives out their own yearly award as a stimulus for newcomers in the field of serious game design.

Serious Games Showcase & Challenge

The primary purpose of the Challenge is to advance the concept of using games as a training/education medium. There are multiple awards to be won.

Serious Play Conference

The Serious Play Conference honors outstanding digital and board/tabletop games used for training or education and other game-based learning programs through their International Serious Play Awards.


Subsidies and Financial support

There are multiple options for you to look at when it comes to financing your serious games product. See the list below for a few of them that you can check out.

WBSO: tax scheme for research and development

Are you going to do Research & Development (R&D)? Or carry out technical-scientific research? Then you can easily receive a tax benefit from the WBSO (Research and Development Promotion Act).

Ugoo Subsidy List

Ugoo offers a clear description of different possible grants in the field of innovation. You can also do your own subsidy check, in order to find out whether your innovative company is eligible for a subsidy scheme.

Digital Culture Grant Scheme

The creative industries fund NL offers a Digital Culture Grant Scheme that is open for projects initiated by professional designers, makers, observers, design agencies or cultural institutions active within the field of digital culture.

Experiment Grant Scheme

The creative industries fund NL offers an Experiment Grant Scheme for small-scale, experiment-driven research projects in the fields of design, architecture, digital culture, and crossovers between them.

Midgame Fund

Midgame Fund is a group of Dutch game developers who fund games, share their experience, and connect teams with the right partners. They are open to receive pitches for your project.

Videogames & Immersive Content Development 2023

Create Europe Desk NL offers a grant scheme for developers of video games and immersive content.

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Sign up for our Serious Games Newsletter! Please contact seriousgames@dutchgamesassociation.nl and we'll add you to the list.
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