Together with SAGANET and RAGE, Dutch Games Association invites you to join us on September 28th for a playful afternoon focused on a dialogue to answer the question \’What makes a good game?\’ with the help of three main topics:

  • Quality of games: How to improve quality in games?
  • Quality of game development: How do we secure the quality of processes?
  • Quality of the game industry as a branch: How to align the large number of small, independent players?

With our partners we bring you an inspiring afternoon full of content by some of the most influential professionals from the industry. Multiple games will be showcased and playable, and we present the winner of the SAGANET Award.  At the end of the day, we officially launch RAGE\’s portal system and we celebrate it by raising our glasses during our drinks.


11.45 Doors open
12.00 ​Lunch
12.45 ​Opening & welcome by DGA/SAGANET​
13.00 SAGANET Award by SAGANET​
13.30 \’What makes a good game\’ by Ivo Wenzler, TU Delft
14.00 Let\’s Play!: ‘a Heart effort’ by SAGANET​
14.30 Dialogue by Jeroen van Mastrigt – Freedomlab Future Studies, Heide Lukosch – TU Delft and Jan Willem Huisman – IJsfontein. Moderated by Hans Luyckx – IJsfontein 
Toward a mature branch of industry by RAGE​
17.15 Networking ​Drinks & Games Showcase

RAGE: Toward a mature branch of industry

As an emerging branch of business, the game industry (in particular serious gaming) suffers from severe quality issues: fragmentation, lack of cohesion, weak interconnectedness. Funded by the European Commission, the RAGE project aims to accommodate the (serious) gaming sector by launching a community portal that could act as a community-driven knowledge and technologies hub for sharing state-of-the-art game technologies, training materials and other resources. This session includes the following:

  • The European perspective on (serious) gaming
  • The RAGE portal system launch
  • Overview of RAGE reusable software building blocks for creating games faster, easier and more cost-effectively
  • Outlook and Q&A


The event takes place in one of Amsterdam\’s most vibrant areas for the games industry: The Marineterein, where our host IJsfontein warmly welcomes us. Address: Kattenburgerstraat 7, 1018 JA Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Consult IJsfontein\’s website for route and parking instructions.


Tickets are € 27,50.
Dutch Games Association and SAGANET members get complimentary tickets.
Get in touch with DGA or SAGANET to get yours. 

This event is a joint event of Dutch Games Association (Dutch games industry body), SAGANET (Dutch association for game simulation professionals) and RAGE (European flagship research and innovation project on serious games).



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