We’re happy to announce that from next month we will start up the DGA Roundtable & DGA Talks! Every month there will be either a Roundtable or a Talks event. This post gives you some info about the events and a link to our survey, because we need your help to identify what topics are of most value to you and the Dutch games industry!

Restarting the DGA Roundtable
The DGA Roundtable (formerly known as \’Industrieoverleg\’) is an informal meeting for Dutch game developers that aims to discuss the most relevant topics for the Dutch game industry.
The first edition will be organized on December 1st, 15.30 – 17.00, led by Derk the Geus, chairman of DGA. This edition\’s topic will be: Lobby. What would you like our lobby efforts to bring forth? What should we lobby for?
Get your (free) ticket for this DGA Roundtable here!

Introducing DGA Talks
Then starting from January (date still tbd) we will organise a series of DGA Talks to share experiences, present best-of-class use cases and most importantly inspire us in our daily work! The DGA Talks will be bi-monthly (online) seminars of around 1,5 hours each with two or three expert speakers from the Dutch industry or with international presenters to help Dutch companies to discover new tracks. And of course, there will be plenty of opportunity to exchange thoughts and have discussion between participants of the Talks.

We need your help!
We have created a survey to gauge your interest for the DGA Roundtables & DGA Talks in general and to identify the topics that are of highest interest you. Please fill out our survey here and help us make the Roundtables and DGA Talks a success!

Thanks for filling out this survey! And we hope to see you on December 1 at the first edition of DGA Roundtables! (get your ticket here)

-Team DGA

Note: everyone from the Dutch game industry can register. You don\’t have to be a DGA member.

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