During Dutch Game Day powered by Control, Derk de Geus (chairman of the Dutch Games Association) will record 4 podcasts in which he will talk to entrepreneurs from the Dutch game industry. The podcasts are part of a record attempt by Dutch Media Week to make 200 hours of podcasts.

Will you be attending the Dutch Game Day? You can attend the recording of the podcasts live. Want to watch/listen from home? You can do so via the Dutch Media week website: https://www.dutchmediaweek.nl/podcast-programma/

Don\’t have a ticket for Dutch Game Day yet? Get your ticket now via https://www.eventbrite.com/e/331395552017/

The following podcasts are scheduled for October 6, 2022:

9:00 Lieke van Heel

Lieke van Heel researched roles within the game industry at HKU, and developed an interesting model where aspiring game professionals can see which role suits them best. She currently works at Flavour as a Content and Account Manager. In the podcast, we take a closer look at what exactly the model is, how it came about and how we can use it. We will also ask Lieke how she thinks educational institutions can best align with the game industry.

11:00 Tomas Sala

Originally co-founder of Little Chicken, Tomas Sala went solo after 18 years. His game “The Falconeer” has received high praise and its successor “The Falconeer: Bulwark” looks to become a big success as well. In the podcast, we will ask Tomas what it’s like to go from a studio team to solo development. What things has he encountered on his “indie” path? What pitfalls are there, and what lessons can be learned? And, what is the next step for The Falconeer?

15:00 Emily Jacometti

Emily Jacometti is CEO and Co-Founder of Flavour, a successful serious game company that developed the game Hackshield, among others. They have gone from a service to product business model, and Hackshield is now being rolled out globally. In the podcast, we hear Flavour’s story. We hear how they went from service to product and what pitfalls they encountered, and what lessons learned. We also ask what the future looks like for Flavour.

16:00 Herdjie & Dittmar

Herdjie Zhou is co-founder and CEO of Lucky Kat, a successful game studio based in The Hague that has recently embraced blockchain and achieved considerable success with it. Lucky Kat was recently sold to Fragbite Group of Sweden.

Dittmar Tukker is CEO of Gamedia, a successful Alkmaar-based studio that has walked a similar path and gone “to the moon.”

In the podcast, we delve deeper into Herdji and Dittmar\’s background and how they made the transition to Web3 / Blockchain games. How do their approaches differ? What are the pitfalls and lessons learned? What lies ahead for this technology and segment?

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