Great news! The CIIIC consortium’s application to the National Growth Fund has been approved. The Cabinet accepts the advice of the independent advisory committee and invests in the program. CIIIC stands for Creative Industries Immersive Impact Coalition. The application was submitted by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW). The Creative Industries Top Team, TKI CLICKNL and the Ministries of OCW and EZK took the initiative for the application.

The goal of CIIIC is to give an impulse to the development of immersive experiences. With immersive experiences you can think of learning to operate through virtual reality, visiting a protected nature reserve with 360-degree images or an auditory guidance through a museum. Worldwide, these types of solutions are seen as the driving force for the third major digital transition. They are going to have a lot of impact on our daily lives.

CIIIC is preparing the Netherlands for this next digital transition. This is done by increasing the capacity of skilled professionals, facilities and labs, knowledge and methods, and validation. The intended program consists mainly of open calls (grant schemes) for widely accessible projects. “This is an important step for realizing a rich ecosystem in the Netherlands, of designers, developers, tools, studios and methods. With this we as a creative sector strengthen our position internationally on the eve of the next big digital wave and on the basis of policies appropriate to our ethical standards and values.” said Zakia Guernina, chairman of the steering committee of the CIIIC consortium.

And now?
The Ministry of OCW and CLICKNL are working with the coalition of 120 parties toward a start of the program in early 2024. In the run-up to that, OCW and CLICKNL will keep you informed of developments via the CIIIC program page and CIIIC newsletter. You can find the program page on this website via the menu, or directly via, subscribe to the newsletter here.

For more information about CIIIC, please refer to the program page and newsletter. Through those channels it will also become clear in due course how to participate in the program.

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