AI is transforming the Game Development as we know it. ChatGPT took the world by storm, and AI will certainly not pass by unnoticed in the games industry. Therefore, the DGA (Dutch Games Association), with support from ROM Utrecht, is organizing a DGA Talks about how AI is already impacting many aspects of the games development process today.

With a line-up of speakers sharing about new ways of automatically testing your games, creating new open worlds with a few mouse clicks or outsourcing customer service, player interaction to AI driven response systems, and much more. We will end the event with a panel discussion, followed by drinks!

When: Thursday September 28, event starting at 15.30 hrs pm, drinks starting from 17.30
Where: @ ROM Utrecht, Euclideslaan 1, Utrecht
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We are pleased to have a diverse and international line-up of both Dutch and international speakers about how AI is shaping games development.

Kasem Challiou, CEO & Founder of
“Immersive game worlds on the fly”

Kasem will introduce, a Dutch AI start-up with an amazing tool to generate 3D open worlds and immersive content on the fly. He is a 20-year tech veteran and entrepreneur in industrial robotics, vision AI, and digital twins. Positioned at the forefront of an emerging, immersive technological revolution.

Sean Ryan, CEO of Aqua
“Automating customer support through ChatGPT”

Sean is a seasoned professional in the international games scene. Before starting Aqua held VP positions at Facebook Games in Menlo Park US, among other things. Sean will share his experience of replacing the customer support department of his current company by ChatGPT.

Philippine Waisvisz, Research & Technology for inclusive AI
“The best AI is what you build together”

How do you prevent bias in your algorithms and can you develop games that are truly targeted at your audience? The machine learning behind your algorithms can trained in cooperation with the players of your games. Result: less bias, better AI and loyal players!

Philippine is a researcher at the Hogeschool Utrecht in behavioral prediction with data. Together with Classifact, she developed technology to create training data-sets for machine learning in collaboration with your audience and player base.

Ard Bonewald, Manager and Lecturer Game Design & Production at Breda University of Applied Sciences
“AI for future game developers”

Ard will present how AI is currently already playing a role for game students at the Breda University and what AI skills are expected of students who will be graduating in the next few years when they enter the job market.

Shum Singh, Banker & Investor, Founder of Agnitio Capital
Fireside Chat with Laurens Rutten on the future of AI for game company also in in relation to fundraising future M&A potential

As an active investor and specialized games M&A Banker for 20 years, Shum is an extraordinarily well connected industry professional. In a chat with Laurens, Shum will discuss AI’s impact on the games development process, what role AI plays today for game companies who are actively fundraising, and what we may expect from future M&A opportunities. Shum will also shine his light on general AI market developments and distinguish the hype from the hope.

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