A warm welcome to 2 new members: Big Bang Studio, a company focused on creating accessible games that help you rehabilitate and Capstone Beyond Limits, a specialized consulting company for the video game and interactive entertainment industry.

Big Bang Studio

Big Bang Studio creates simple accessible games that help you rehabilitate in a fun and engaging way! Providing the health professionals with much needed insights on performance and giving them the flexibility to incorporate serious games in their treatment plans. All our technology is easy to use and built to last without you having to spend enormous amounts of money to utilize serious games.


Capstone Beyond Limits

A specialized Consulting Company for the Video Game and Interactive Entertainment Industry.
We focus on companies that are active in the industry or use game technology in other industries.

We bring companies and professionals closer to each other. Making expertise accessible to all industry players.

  • Industry Facilitator: stimulating collaboration and finding ways to create a stronger industry.
  • Business Enhancer: Bringing the best game talent to your company. (Search & Selection, Project sourcing and RPO)
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