Dutch Games Association (DGA) will be hosting the ninth Holland Pavilion at Gamescom this year, bringing Dutch companies large and small to the event. Gamescom is Europe’s biggest trade fair for interactive games and entertainment, and one of the most important industry meetup worldwide for insiders, publishers and developers.

Holland Pavilion

This year DGA supports 23 companies to present their games, services or products at Gamescom. The broad selection of companies and organizations represents the Dutch games industry at its best across a wide variety of topics such as education, VR, applied, business and indie games. In the Holland Pavilion you’ll find booths from established industry players as well as indie studios that have been selected by the DGA to showcase their promising projects, such as Kuality Games with action strategy Bolt Storm, Game Brouwerij with dungeon raiding & building game Space Vikings, Kwa Qua Games with multiplayer surrealist drawing game Mish Mash, and more!

The Holland Pavilion is situated in the business area hall 4.1, where the following companies are represented:

Dutch Games Association



Iceberg Interactive


Little Chicken

Local Heroes


Breda University of Applied Sciences

Qualitas Global

The RAGE Project

Tripwire Interactive

Furthermore the Holland Pavilion Lounge situated in the center of the Pavilion features the following talented indie developers:

Kuality Games

Kwa Qua Games


Puzzles & Games

Resistance Studio

Studio Erikson

At the Indie Arena booth in the entertainment hall, Ronimo Games is showcasing Swords and Soldiers II Shawarmageddon and KeokeN with Deliver Us The Moon.

Show Your Courage

This year the signature event at the Holland Pavilion will be the ‘Show Your Courage’ Q&A on August 21 and 22, from 10am – 5pm, hosted by Dutch Game Garden and DGA. A selection of industry veterans will be interviewed on various topics in the games industry, offering the audience the chance to learn from their peers.

Tuesday August 21st

12.00 – 12.30 Michael Liebe
Kickstarter | Booster Space
14.00 – 14.30 Stephen Hey
Stephen Hey
14.30 – 15.00 Russell Kay
Game Development
15.00 – 15.30 Daniel Doornink 
XR Base
VR andAR
15.30 – 16.00 Alistair Cireo
Player Research
User Research

Wednesday August 22nd

11.30 – 12.00 Benedikt Seitz
Influencer Marketing
13.00 – 13.30 Falko Boecker 
F2P Mobile Publishing
14.00 – 14.30 Thomas Bidaux
ICO Partners
Public Relations

Get more information at the DGA desk at gamescom.

Dutch Drinks!

Join the DGA for Dutch Drinks at the Holland Pavilion on Wednesday August 22nd late afternoon, and meet the cream of the Dutch industry as well as rising stars! DGA chairman Horst Streck will kick off proceedings, and then everyone will have a chance to mingle and try out all the Dutch games. The Dutch Drinks are sponsored by Creative Europe Desk NL  as well as  two Dutch studios: Engine Software have been making games since 1991, developing and porting across a huge range of platforms, while ImproVive has been active since 2006, now specializing in VR and the opportunities it offers for storytelling, social gameplay, immersion and emotional journeys.

Register for the free event at the Holland Pavilion on August 22nd between 16:30-20:00!

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Register for Dutch Drinks!

The Holland Pavilion at gamescom and its activities are powered by:

Creative Holland

Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Creative Industries Fund NL

Dutch Drinks at gamescom are powered by:

Engine Software


Creative Europe

Dutch Games Association presents Dutch Game Summit 2018.

Dutch Game Summit is an inspiring afternoon filled with relevant and elevating topics concerning the dynamic, ever-changing games industry.

Martine Spaans will talk about iteration versus innovation regarding game development, Game Basics share their success story with us regarding their game Online Soccer Manager.

We created an inspiring panel that discusses on ethics in game development and we will speak extensively about E-sports and how that will affect our society and industry and we host an inspiring panel about ethics in game design.

At the end of the day, we join the Media Bites networking drinks to connect with each other and with other professionals in the multi media industry.

This edition of Dutch Game Summit is Powered by TKI CLICKNL.


13:00 Doors open
13.30 Welcome by chairman Horst Streck
14.00 Martine Spaans (Tamalaki): ‘Iteration versus innovation’
14.30 Jaap Visser (ESL/eMense) & Marco Albregts (Lagardère Sportsmarketing) on ‘The impact of esports and brands can benefit from esports’
15.30 Break
16.00 Nick de Lima (Game Basics): ‘Agile design at gamebasics’
16.30 Panel ‘Ethics in game development’ with Tony van Rooij (Trimbos Institute), Menno van Pelt-Deen (Lapp), Anthony Djadoenath (Reinier van Arkel) and Hans Luyckx (IJsfontein).
18:00 Drinks! (@VondelCS)

Frequently Asked Questions

I am planning to become a member on the Dutch Game Summit. Do I need to pay for the ticket?

Normally, member get complimentary tickets. Thanks to funding from ClickNL, we are able to offer this edition of the Dutch Game Summit for free for non-members as well.

However, we do ask a small fee for the Drinks @ MediaBites (included in DGA Member Tickets). If you sign up for a membership before June 30th 2018, you’ll get your ticket costs (excluding processing fees and VAT) refunded as a discount on your membership fee.

The company I work for is a DGA Member. Do I get complimentary tickets?

Dutch Games Association has sent its members instructions on how to get member tickets. We advise to consult your organisation’s contact about these instructions. Lost or haven’t received the instructions? Feel free to contact at contact@dutchgamesassociation.nl

We have an INSTITUTE DGA Membership, can all my students/members/employees get complimentary tickets?

Yes, just send us an email at contact@dutchgamesassociation.nl to let us know how many complimentary tickets you need.

How can I contact Dutch Game Association with any questions?

Feel free to contact us via contact@dutchgamesassociation.nl.

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tokyo is calling for Dutch (applied) game companies to participate in the Holland Pavilion at the Tokyo Game Show 2018. Prior to the event we will organize a day of working visits to large gaming companies in Japan. Where possible, the Embassy will also try to assist participating companies in arranging individual meetings with potential business partners.

The Tokyo Game Show is Asia’s largest game show and had over 250,000 visitors in 2017. With the Holland Pavilion the Embassy aims to offer companies a chance to meet potential business parties in Japan and showcase their games to a wide audience. It also offers companies the opportunity to meet other interesting Dutch game companies. The aim of the working visits to gaming companies is to get a better understanding of the Japanese gaming industry and to provide insights and practical information on entering the Japanese market.

Participation will include:

• Entrance to the Tokyo Game Show (20-23 September, 2018) including being mentioned in the participation lists.
• A demonstration booth (one per company) at the Holland Pavilion.
• Invitation to the opening event in Tokyo where you will have a chance to meet with Japanese game companies, press and many others.
• Being featured in promotional flyers.
• Participation in one day pre-show working visits to gaming companies in Japan.*
• Individual meetings (based on availability).

Costs: 1000 euros per company.
* please note that some companies might only allow one person per company to join the company visit.

Please note

Additional costs include: international airfare (around €1000), accommodation costs (around €100, per night) and daily expenditures.

More info and applying

Please submit your application before May 29 by sending an email to TOK-GAMES@minbuza.nl. We aim to show a full range of the Dutch game industry in Japan and reserve the right to select participants. The Embassy highly values active participation for the full four days of the show.

On April 19th, 2018 the Netherlands Gaming Authority (Kansspelautoriteit) published a study and press release outlining their findings and rulings on loot boxes.

Netherlands Gaming Authority study and press release in a nutshell

  • Netherlands Gaming Authority has come out with a standard to differentiate loot boxes between gaming and gambling.
  • Netherlands Gaming Authority studied the loot boxes and the ability to trade the items outside the game to other players.
  • Loot boxes where the content is not transferable are not illegal (therefore, are seen as gaming).
  • Loot boxes where the content is transferable are illegal (and a seen as gambling).
  • Loot boxes are prohibited under current gambling laws and regulations if the items from the loot boxes are transferable.
  • Netherlands Gaming Authority recommends game developers to disable functionalities that allow items to be converted into money or transferred to other parties (including other players).
  • Game developers can update their games that are in breach of the standard until June 20th, 2018.

Dutch Games Association will be closely monitoring and evaluating this case.
Below you’ll find some links which provide additional information on this topic.

Question we get asked on this topic

Do you know which games the Gaming Authority considered in its study?

10 games were studied. At the time of writing Netherlands Gaming Authority hasn’t revealed the games they studied.

Are games containing loot boxes forbidden now?

That depends if the content of the loot box is transferable. If the content of the loot box is not transferable, the game is not forbidden.

What will happen after June 20th, 2018?

At the time of writing this is unknown. Netherlands Gaming Authority has stated that they can take enforcement actions against providers with loot boxes that do not comply with the standard. These actions can include fines or a (sales) ban.

Will this set a precedent in Europe?

Netherlands Gaming Authority told GamesIndustry.biz they want to work and act together with other European regulators. Other EU members states are still conducting their own studies.

More information

The Netherlands Gaming Authority study into loot boxes

The Netherlands Gaming Authority FAQ on loot boxes and the study in a nutshell

The Netherlands Gaming Authority press release

Some articles providing background information


Developers of entertainment and serious games are confronted with a lot of personal data, such as IP addresses, account information or player statistics. In some cases the data is even necessary to polish your game, tweak your monetization structure and to make sure that you acquire and retain new players. As you might have known already, the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) comes into effect on May 25, 2018. This regulation contains the conditions under which a company is allowed to collect, use and share personal information. Violation of these conditions can result in receiving fines from the Dutch Data Protection Authority. Van Iersel Luchtman explains how you can comply with these new set of data protection rules in their nine step checklist.

[download id=”3238″]

Dutch Games Association (DGA) proudly announces its partnership with Van Iersel Luchtman (VIL). The collaboration with VIL makes it possible for parties in the Dutch games industry to access quality legal services in an easy and accessible way. There are numerous legal and regulatory considerations which companies active in the games industry need to bear in mind when developing their products, such as; age ratings and classification, intellectual property rights and licenses, and development and distribution agreements, as well as all the considerations that come to mind when operating a business. VIL offers DGA members various contracts and documents that are drawn up and tailored to your wishes for a fixed, low price. In addition, DGA members receive a standard discount of 10% on the standard hourly rates.

Horst Streck, Chairman of Dutch Games Association:
‘’Legal support is also necessary within our industry. With this collaboration we offer our members access to legal advice in a simple and accessible way. We chose Van Iersel Luchtman because of their broad expertise, but also because of their personal interest and love for games and we look forward to a fruitful cooperation, which our industry can benefit from. ‘’

René Otto, chairman of the Gaming branch team at Van Iersel Luchtman:
“During our first conversations it already became clear that the common passion for games creates a bond. With our collaboration we hope to make an important contribution to DGA, its members and the games industry by providing assistance with (inter) national legal issues. We look forward to meeting everyone at DGA events, starting with the Japan Business Day on March 20th!’’

About Van Iersel Luchtman
Van Iersel Luchtman is the only legal service provider with a specialized team of lawyers that advises you in all (legal) areas involving the games industry. Since we belong to the larger independent law firms in the south of the Netherlands with 41 lawyers, we always have someone available who can be of service to you. – www.vil.nl

Read more about the member deals
VIL Member deals

In collaboration with RVO (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland) and the Dutch embassy in Tokyo, Dutch Games Association is organising the Japan Business Day. Join us together with the Japanese Head of Economy, the Agriculture Council and the Innovation Council for an afternoon focused on doing business in- and with Japan.

The Japanese market is not commonly known to many companies due the physical and cultural distance, the many tariff and non-tariff trade barriers and the general high cost of traveling to Japan when exploring business trips and opportunities.

After being overshadowed by the Chinese market in recent years the Japanese economy is growing and with the Olympic Games in 2020 and the growth in tourism to Japan (thanks to a low Yen and a targeted publicity campaign by the Japanese government) the Japanese market is in the spotlight once again. With renewed trade agreements such as the free trade agreement between the EU and Japan (Economic Partnership Agreement), and the Trans Pacific Partnership with the 11 countries in the region (TPP-11) there are plenty of lucrative opportunities in Japan and there are many corporate projects set up in the field of technology and innovation that can generate economic spin-offs.


13.00 :    Walk in and welcome
13.15 :    Opening by Paul Zwetsloot (Head of Economy at Royal Dutch Embassy in Tokyo)
13.30 :    About the Dutch Games Industry; presentation by DGA
13.45 :   • Games in Japan; presentation by Makoto Goto
• Serious Games in the Netherlands; presentation by Maarten Stevens
14.30 :    Panel; information and answers about doing business in- and with Japan by RVO, Martijn van Zwieten, Tokyo embassy
15.15 :    Tour and showcase inside the Dutch Game Garden (optional)
16.00 :    Closing

The Japan Business Day is open to anyone that’s interested in exploring the business opportunities in Japan.
Places are limited, get your free tickets and register below to reserve your spot!


Game Garden Academy is a portfolio of online video courses about game business for starting game developers and students. Game Garden Academy covers a range of topics that developers have to deal with today: marketing, PR, monetization, funding, publishing, team composition, and more. Speakers with years of experience in the video games industry share their expertise and give hands-on tips & tricks to up your game when it comes to entrepreneurship. Game Garden Academy focuses on providing practical examples and personal stories instead of dry statistics. With these courses, developers have a solid basis to do business in the volatile, ever-changing games industry.

Game business courses for starting game developers and students like:

  • Business topics specifically tailored to games, like PR, team composition, and showcasing your game at events.
  • Presented by industry professionals with years of experience.
  • Including interviews with well-known developers like Ronimo Games and Vlambeer.

Learn more at gamegardenacademy.com


Dutch Games Association members can get an exclusive 25% discount, find out more on our Member Deals page.


Dutch Games Association (DGA) proudly announces its acceptance into the European Games Developer Federation (EGDF).

Joining EGDF allows DGA to increase and improve its network on an European level by collaborating with international partners, institutions and governments. It furthermore facilitates better support to the Dutch games industry when it comes to European laws, data and studies as well as international programmes and incentives. Fundamental topics like funding, taxes, education, privacy and business development are on the global agenda and DGA can now be more involved and better educated in the policy making process.

DGA chairman Horst Streck comments: ”The Dutch market alone is not large enough for gaming companies to be able to render properly. That’s why it makes sense to look and work abroad. Being able to share knowledge and collaborate on a European scale will enable us to develop stronger products, understand each other’ cultures better and achieve greater (business) results”

EGDF COO Jari-Pekka Kaleva comments: ‘’We are proud to welcome the Netherlands on board with its extended network of talented game designers, established educational Institutes and its high-profile support system. Over the years, Dutch games industry has taken a leading role in Europe on overcoming the challenges of the quickly growing serious games sector. Therefore, DGA has highly unique expertise on facilitating the cooperation between games industry and other industry sectors.’’

Dutch Games Association looks forward to explore tighter international bonds with worldwide partners, funding opportunities, gather more data about the industry and participate actively in the decision making process in order to better serve our Dutch community.

About Dutch Games Association

DGA was founded in 2008 to help create a healthy climate for the Dutch games industry. DGA’s mission is to help the industry reach its full potential by connecting, serving and inspiring the entire games industry.

About EGDF

The European Games Developer Federation is committed to the stimulation and development of a stable, vibrant and creative European games development sector that is competitive globally and recognized culturally. The federation represents more than 1,500 studios from all over Europe, which together employ about 25,000 people. The European computer and video games industry, including distributors and students in game educations, encompasses almost 100,000 individuals. – www.egdf.eu

Congratulations to the winners of the tenth edition of the Dutch Game Awards.

[columns-container class=”winners1″][one-half-first]

Best Games

Best Core Entertainment Game 

Horizon Zero Dawn – Guerrilla Games

Best Casual Entertainment Game

Circles – Illusive Games

Best Serious Game

VilDu?! – Lapp | de Rading | YipYip | Fontys ICT

Best Virtual Reality Game 

Arizona Sunshine – Vertigo Games & Jaywalkers Interactive

Best Cross-media Game

Weltatem – WildVreemd / Monobanda


Development Skill

Best Art Direction

Horizon New Dawn – Guerrilla Games

Best Game Design

Stormbound: Kingdom Wars – Paladin Studios

Best Technical Achievement 

Horizon Zero Dawn – Guerrilla Games

Best Music & Audio

Horizon Zero Dawn – Guerrilla Games

Best Student Game Design

The Red Stare – Play:D – NHTV University of Applied Sciences Breda

Best Student Art Direction

The Red Stare – Play:D – NHTV University of Applied Sciences Breda

Best Student Technical Achievement

Bolt Storm – Kuality Games – NHTV University of Applied Sciences Breda



[columns-container class=”winners2″][one-third-first]

Business Skills

Best Co-Production

Weltatem – WildVreemd / Monobanda

Best Economic Achievement

Monster Jam: Crush It! – Team6 Game Studios


Audience Choice Award

Gamekings Award

Horizon Zero Dawn – Guerrilla Games


Industry Choice Award

Lifetime Achievement Award

Jan-Pieter van SeventerDirector Dutch Game Garden